Fantastic Fest 2022: BONES AND ALL

From acclaimed director Luca Guadagnino comes his adaptation of the 2015 horror/romance novel of the same name. Though I have not read Camile DeAngelis’ book, Bones and All, and knew absolutely nothing about the story, I attended this Fantastic Fest screening simply because it was directed by Guadagnino. After having much admiration for some of… Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2022: BONES AND ALL


Bones and All es la adaptación de la novela para adultos jóvenes de Camille DeAngelis “Bones and All” del guionista David Kajganich y dirigida por Luca Guadagnino (Suspiria). La historia mezcla los géneros del romance, llegando en edad y el terror. Taylor Russell (“Waves”) interpreta a la adolescente Maren que una noche está visitando a… Continue reading BONES AND ALL


Steven Spielberg, arguably America’s most seminal filmmaker, has chosen his newest movie to tell his most personal story–the story of how he became a filmmaker. While The Fabelmans is supposedly a semi-autobiographical story of his upbringing, as a Jewish-American child living in America, and how he became a celebrated and acclaimed film director, so much… Continue reading THE FABELMANS

Austin Film Festival 2022: GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY

For the closing night film of this year’s Austin Film Festival comes the excitedly-awaited sequel to Rian Johnson’s acclaimed murder mystery Knives Out. Well, as most people expect, sequels are not usually as good as the first movie that preceded them. And that is actually the case with Glass Onion. However, Rian Johnson has lots… Continue reading Austin Film Festival 2022: GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY


From Walt Disney Studios comes an animated adventure which definitely wears its influences like a badge of pride and admiration. And that’s totally fine. The filmmakers behind Strange World know that their movie is not a complete work of originality, but obviously have much love for better similar adventures such as Journey to the Center… Continue reading STRANGE WORLD


Jonathan Majors in a still from “Devotion.”

Even though I very much enjoyed Top Gun: Maverick, there are two inspiring movies about military service that genuinely my heart this year. The first is The Inspection, which tells the true story of a gay man serving in the Marine Corps, despite the prejudice and adversity he faces. The other is another true story… Continue reading DEVOTION

Austin Film Festival 2022: THE INSPECTION

Writer/director Elegance Bratton uses his first narrative feature film to tell his true story. Bratton, who had a rough life as a gay man raised by an ultra-conservative mother, found himself homeless and struggling to survive as a young adult. Totally lost and not knowing what to do with his life, he decides to enlist… Continue reading Austin Film Festival 2022: THE INSPECTION


A estas alturas, es posible que hayas escuchado o leído que The Fabelmans es obra del director ganador del Oscar Steven Spielberg: su historia semiautobiográfica que cubre la vida de un niño desde 1952 hasta mediados o finales de la década de 1960, después de graduarse de la escuela secundaria y luego asistir a la… Continue reading THE FABELMANS


Jonathan Majors in a still from “Devotion.”

El largometraje Devotion se basa en eventos ocurridos durante la Guerra de Corea, centrados en las vidas de los pilotos de combate de la Marina de los EE. UU. Jesse Brown y Tom Hudner, así como de sus compañeros de ala que pasaron de entrenarse hacia prepararse para ciertas situaciones a llevar a cabo misiones… Continue reading DEVOTION