Now I know, in the past, that I have poo-poo’d several Jennifer Lopez movies, particularly those of the romantic-comedy variety. I simply was not entertained, on top of the blantant transparency that those stories and plots offer. As usual, I kept an open mind when going into the screening of J-Lo’s newest movie Shotgun Wedding.… Continue reading SHOTGUN WEDDING


With the critical and financial success of the screenlife thriler Searching, it makes perfect sense that this film would launch a sequel. Though Missing is not an actual continuation of the story established with the previous movie, it continues the franchise with a similarly, computer/electronic-based thriller that follows a similar story with some twists and… Continue reading MISSING


La serie Texas Performing Arts Broadway in Austin invita al p├║blico a asistir a Pretty Woman: The Musical a partir del martes 17 de enero a las 8 p.m. en el Bass Concert Hall. Si eres fan de la pelicula Pretty Woman (1990, con los protagonistas Julia Roberts y Richard Gere), podras gozar la historia… Continue reading PRETTY WOMAN: THE MUSICAL


Gerard Butler’s filmography is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Butler is one of those versatile actors who usually gives his all regardless of the genre, film, or character. However, he he often needs a skillful, or at least competent, director to utilize what he does best. It… Continue reading PLANE


All people who come from working-class origins can relate to the experience of laboring in a soul-crushing job, simply for the hope that the financial gains can lead to greener pastures. That is the initial premise of Human Resources, a horror movie that portrays a hardware store employee’s first days as a lowly clerk. To… Continue reading HUMAN RESOURCES


As usual, I try to avoid trailers, promotional videos, or any spoilers before going into a movie. And since I had a rather busy autumn/winter awards season, watching tons of movies, that wasn’t too difficult for me to evade anything regarding M3GAN. All I knew was that it was a movie about an advanced doll,… Continue reading M3GAN


Just prior to attending this screening, the usual thought prevailed within my mind. Is this just another inferior American remake of a superior film made by another nation. However, in order to answer that question, I would have to watch the previous version. To give a better context, A Man Called Otto is an American… Continue reading A MAN CALLED OTTO

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Whiplash, La La Land, and First Man are all movies that absolutely sold me on, and made me a fan of, filmmaker Damian Chazelle. So, I most definitely went into Babylon with great expectations. After sitting though the exhausting 189 minutes of Chazelle’s newest, I was reminded that almost every filmmaker has that one movie… Continue reading BABYLON