For those looking for a romanticized, rose-tinted portrait of Marilyn Monroe, then Andrew Dominik’s Blonde is not for you. Based on the fictional novel by Joyce Carol Oates, the movie presents the life and career of Norma Jean Mortenson/Marilyn Monroe as a dark and disturbing tragedy. Much like Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, Blonde has a very… Continue reading BLONDE


Actor and filmmaker Sidney Poitier was a legend. As a trailblazing thespian, he paved the way for so many Black actors and filmmakers by proving that Black Americans have so much to offer cinema, either despite or because of their tumultuous experiences facing racism and prejudice in our country. From producer Oprah Winfrey and director… Continue reading SIDNEY


After going mostly virtual in 2020, and having a “soft re-opening” in 2021, Austin’s favorite genre film festival has a “grand re-opening” planned for this Thursday night. With close to 100 films promised, and plenty of wildly fun events planned, this year’s Fantastic Fest claims to be a return to form. As someone who has… Continue reading FANTASTIC FEST IS BACK!


If anyone thinks the trailer for The Woman King is great, then wait until one actually sees the whole movie. While I was watching and marveling at the awesomeness of this film, I couldn’t help, but think how, in a lot of ways, this story feels like Marvel’s Black Panther. However, I mean that, obviously,… Continue reading THE WOMAN KING


Earlier this year, director Ti West delivered a wild, but fun 70s horror throwback with X. As audiences underwent this flash-to-the-past journey they would eventually discover that West has a bigger picture to offer them. At the end of X, another film gets teased, promising a more complete portrait on the character of Pearl. A… Continue reading PEARL


The true story of June and Jennifer Gibbons is a very fascinating one of racial prejudice, and perhaps, abuse. These twin sisters of Barbados origins had much trouble adjusting to a new life in England, where their father took them, where they faced racism and bullying. As a defense mechanism to their treatment, the sisters… Continue reading THE SILENT TWINS

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Beginning in the late 1970s, author Gregory Mcdonald began a series of comedic mysteries whose protagonist is an investigative reporter who goes by the name of Fletch. The first novel inspired the 1985 comedy movie which starred Chevy Chase and was followed by a sequel in 1989 by the movie Fletch Lives. While these movies… Continue reading CONFESS, FLETCH


In 2014, Austrian film Goodnight Mommy took the horror world by storm and filled the genre with utter dread and frightening chills. As is the case with a lot of successful foreign language movies, American studios often decide to produce an English-language version to capitalize on the success of its inspiration and to reach wider… Continue reading GOODNIGHT MOMMY


While Clerks II feels like Randalll’s take on his life’s saga, Clerks III is more like Dante’s vision of the franchise. And what I mean by that is that. perhaps, Kevin Smith’s approach to his latest installment is a more realistic and, admittedly, genuine realization that his lead characters have much to face reality, given… Continue reading CLERKS III