El largometraje dramático de Florian Zeller, The Son, está protagonizado por Hugh Jackman como Peter, que vive una vida profesional muy exitosa en Nueva York, con la ambición de trabajar pronto en una campaña política. Casado con Beth (Vanessa Kirby), tienen un hijo pequeño llamado Theo y parecen tener todo lo que se necesita en… Continue reading THE SON


El largometraje Missing de los directores Nicholas D. Johnson y Will Merrick (ambos editores de la película Searching) y los guionistas Merrick y Johnson de la historia de Sev Ohanian (productor, Searching) es una continuación (no una secuela) de la película Searching (2018) donde los personajes utilizan la tecnología disponible para localizar a alguien que… Continue reading MISSING


A pilot, Brodie Torrence (Gerard Butler), finds himself caught in a war zone after he’s forced to land his commercial aircraft during a terrible storm (IMDB). Butler is the perfect choice for the role of Captain Brodie because we have seen him in this type of role many times before. He is great at portraying… Continue reading PLANE


Florian Zeller’s dramatic feature film, The Son, stars Hugh Jackman as Peter who lives a highly successful professional life in New York, with ambitions to work in a political campaign soon. Married to Beth (Vanessa Kirby), they have an infant son named Theo and they seem to have all that is needed in this world.… Continue reading THE SON


Para alguien que no conoce la historia de la vida real en la que se basa la película Women Talking, el título puede no ser muy atractivo. De hecho, algunas personas pueden ignorarlo como algo para descartar, ya que estará lleno de diálogo y no mucha acción. O puede ser aburrido ver a la gente… Continue reading WOMEN TALKING

aGLIFF Announces the January 2023 Screening BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND

Austin’s oldest film festival, aGLIFF announces the January 2023 screening of BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND by Trevor Anderson on Wednesday, January 25 (7:00 p.m.) at the Galaxy Theater, 6700 Middle Fiskville Rd. in Austin 78752. Open to aGLIFF members and guests for free (register in advance – open now); individual tickets are $15 for… Continue reading aGLIFF Announces the January 2023 Screening BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND

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With the critical and financial success of the screenlife thriler Searching, it makes perfect sense that this film would launch a sequel. Though Missing is not an actual continuation of the story established with the previous movie, it continues the franchise with a similarly, computer/electronic-based thriller that follows a similar story with some twists and… Continue reading MISSING