Surfing appeals to me, and I gravitate to films where surfing is a focus. Ocean Boy, starring Luke Hemsworth and young pro surfer Rasmus King, isn’t about surfing, but King shows off his prowess in the waves. The story by director Tyler Atkins  (along with Drue Metz) isn’t as engaging or fluid as King’s (and… Continue reading OCEAN BOY

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Director: Lukas Dhont también es coguionista con Angelo Tijssens de la película Close protagonizada por Eden Dambrine como Leo y Gustav de Waele como Remi, los jóvenes amigos apenas adolescentes (13 años). Viven cerca el uno del otro y tienen una relación muy estrecha como amigos, juegan juntos al aire libre y después de ayudar… Continue reading CLOSE


Director: Lukas Dhont is also a co- writer with Angelo Tijssens for the film Close stars Eden Dambrine as Leo and Gustav de Waele as Remi as the young barely teen friends (13 years old). They live close to each other and have a very close relationship as friends, playing outside together and after helping… Continue reading CLOSE


Our military is invaluable – preserving our rights, protecting our freedoms, and keeping us safe. The soldiers who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way deserve our respect. We know the stories of the horrors of war, even if we don’t personally experience them, and we have become more keenly aware of the reassimilation issues,… Continue reading THE STALKING FIELDS