El director Bobby Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber To) toma el timón de la película Champions con el guión de Mark Rizzo basado en la película española de 2018 ‘Campeones’ (de Javier Fesser/David Marqués). No puedo hacer una comparación de las dos películas ya que aún no he visto la película de España. Solo espero que… Continue reading CHAMPIONS


I have been a very loving fan since Scream took the world by storm. I will never forget the time I finally watched the first film and its impact on me. I watched the movie two times in the theater and many more times at home. While I have various feelings about the franchise, I… Continue reading SCREAM VI


Based on a Spanish film of the same name, writer Mark Rizzo and director Bobby Farelly have adapted the movie for American/English-speaking audiences. Now, I usually have previously watched the source movie. Still, in this case, I have never seen Campeones, which has earned some critical acclaim and achieved enough praise for Spain to select… Continue reading CHAMPIONS


Zoey Renee as Kristy, Bloom Li as Chang, Dexter Darden as DeAndre, and Ben Wang as Bo in CHANG CAN DUNK, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Stephanie Mei-Ling. © 2022 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Teenage angst, ahh, how it rears its confusing head, happens to pretty much every kid on the planet. Some might argue that the transition between freshman year and sophomore is the pinnacle of coming of age. Director/writer Jingyi Shao focuses on one teen’s plight to go from a nobody band geek to a popular student.… Continue reading CHANG CAN DUNK