AJFF Film Review: Only in Theaters has the Austin Premiere at the Austin Jewish Film Festival

The 2023 Austin Jewish Film Festival has concluded this year, offering in-person and virtual options. Many features and short films were provided, with many (but not all) movies available online through November 19th.

One film offered in-person and via the virtual festival is the 2022 documentary/biography, Only in Theaters, a movie by actor/director Raphael Sbarge (10 Days in Watts, LA Foodways).
About: It is an intimate and moving journey taken with the Laemmle family, spanning nearly three years of challenges, losses, and personal triumphs. Only in Theaters chronicles four generations dedicated to the art of film. This film tells a story about a family business but also the future of cinema.

In the many years since I have written about films and received emails about where a movie was to be released, I often saw a cinema linked with the name Laemmle. I do not reside in California and cannot attend the premieres or other special events at those theaters. I was often curious about them but had yet to research them. I am ever so thankful to the Austin Jewish Film Festival for hosting the 2022 film with the Austin Premiere. I learned so much about the lengthy history of the family and the cinema and the challenges the business has had in recent years, with hard decisions to make.

The filmmaker offers interviews with many in the industry and will name a few: Cameron Crowe, Ava DuVernay, James Ivory, and Leonard Maltin, among the many who provide their insight and opinions. There is so much history covered in the film, and I found it engaging and captivating.

I highly recommend this film for viewing by anyone who loves movies, independent cinemas, and the history of those that remain around the world. The film was a part of multiple film festivals in 2022 and 2023, with a limited theatrical release.

Look for the film online, where you can find options to rent or purchase it. Options to rent are on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV, or buy it on {Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV. According to Laemmle.com, the film is available on Amazon and On Demand. The list of their film locations can also be found on this site.

Runtime: 1 hour and 34 minutes

Producer: Thomas Cassetta, Matt Kubas, Freida Orange, Rick Pratt

Source: AJFF, Distributor: The Film Collaborative, Production Co: Wishing Well Entertainment

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