Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse

Film Review: Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse
Professional editor Kenneth Lui, known for his VFX work on Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Iron Man 3, takes on the writer/director’s chair to create the action/comedy/crime mockumentary, Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse. This feature film won awards during the festival run in 2021/2022, and now it is available digitally this month.

Synopsis: A mockumentary dark comedy where a camera crew follows four hitmen killed in the infamous Coda Teahouse Massacre.

Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse features recently discovered footage revealing how four famous hitmen died at the infamous Coda Teahouse Massacre. The four are known as Frosty (the new father, Jason Frost), Lucien Mercy (the stay-at-home mom, Ariadne Shaffer), Red Rick (the romantic, Paul McQueen), and his apprentice Lady Faith (the rising star, named Jewel played by Kate Huffman). Ex-CIA Agent Jonathan Sully (Chance Hand) guides us through the footage, suspecting they were killed by the renowned assassin artist Rockstar (Frank Kitchin), considered the greatest hitman ever lived.

Ensemble players include Melanee Nelson as Angel Mercy, Courtney Sara Bell (Nana Bonbon), Paul Byrne (Musical Red Rick), and Ken Breding (S.W.A.T. Commander).

Guns and more guns are seen, and secrets come to the forefront, revealing their connection to Rockstar. There is no doubt there is violent content in the film, yet humor surfaces. It is done in a cinéma-vérité style.

To say more will not serve the film, and if a mockumentary is fun for you, watch this one!

Additional Cast: Ryan Egnatoff (Maynard Johnsmith), Chris Ellerby (Handicap Parker), Liz Fenning (Musical Lady Faith), Danny Gonzalez (Ronaldo), David Goryl (Anti-Gay Fundraiser), Patrick Hancock (Psycho), Freddy Harris (Akira King), Craig Harrison (Bishop), Liesl Jackson (Killing Room Hostess #2), Mariana Lui (Shotgun Mic Girl), Darren Mangler (Nick O’Malley)

Rating: Unrated. Runtime: 1h 39 mins. Available to watch on digital platforms now

Source: Distributor Global Digital Releasing

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