Austin Film Festival 2021 Review: TIME NOW

Rating: B –

Writer/director Spencer King’s Time Now is one of the major marquee titles premiering at the Austin Film Festival. The new mystery-thriller stars Eleanor Lambert (daughter of acclaimed actors Diane Lane and Christopher Lambert) and Claudia Black (“Farscape”, “The Nevers”). Lambert stars as Jenny, who grew up in Detroit, but is married and a mother a young child. She learns of her brother Victor’s (Sebastian Beacon) passing and returns to the family home despite the years of distance with her family. Soon after arrival, her aunt Joan (Claudia Black), helps Jenny and her son, Andrew, showing them love and concern, but her alcoholic mother, Helen (Jeannine Thompson), is the complete opposite. Her father, Geoff (Peter Knox), is more welcoming and shows more of a connection to her than his resentful wife. All the characters are dealing with the loss and the actors (Lambert/Black, especially) are excellent in demonstrating horrible behavior at a time it would hopefully bring family together.

Lambert excels in this dramatic role, first dealing with the loss of her brother, then subsequently finds her husband has another woman with him in their family home. The grief and rage are emotions she is trying to work through and resorts to moving back to Detroit. She tries to fit into the arts and social scene her brother was much a part of. It is not long before it is evident the locals are not fond of her either, or prefer she not learn certain details about her brother.    

It is a well – intentioned effort to be a thriller, but I did not find enough scenes that were suspenseful enough to provide “the edge of your seat” feeling. A drama it most certainly is with the implications there was dysfunctionality and deep – seated feelings that therapy might have been helpful. Jenny’s emotional state spirals down even more and she decides to take matters into her own hand, no matter the cost. It’s evident she has not thought it through – but she takes control — and Lambert does a good job in the role. I look forward to viewing her future performances, as she certainly carried this film, along with the supporting cast.


Spencer King, producer Ziane Hamel, and several of the cast attended the festival. Among the cast in this film is: Xxavier Polk, Paige Kendrick, Dwele, Aaron Matthew Atkisson, Asher Atkisson, Dominique Alexander, and Ashley Sheri, among others. The film also features music from R&B star Dwele.

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Following the World Premiere, Time Now will release in theaters and digital October 26th from Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment.

Runtime: 1h 30m

Source: Dark Star Pictures

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