Gentlemen prefer BLONDES – or at least, many -prefer Marilyn. Monroe was the quintessential blonde bombshell, the woman every woman wanted to be, and every man wanted to be with. Blonde, starring Ana de Armas in the title role, looks to shed light on the star’s life, whose light burnt out too quickly and soon.… Continue reading BLONDE


Unique true stories turned into movies have always intrigued me. I find myself looking up details beyond what is presented. The story of June and Jennifer Gibbons, Welsh twins born to Caribbean immigrants in the 1960s, goes beyond mystery and into psychological. The girls were harshly bullied and ostracized because of their race in a… Continue reading THE SILENT TWINS

TV Show: Sprung

Where is the humor in Covid and the events that transpired in 2022? Sprung, a new television series from writer and producer Gregory Thomas Garcia (My Name is Earl and Guestbook), does find humor in elements caused by a worldwide pandemic. Playing on the release of non-violent prisoners set free because of the Corona Virus,… Continue reading TV Show: Sprung

Emily the Criminal

Many of us find ourselves desperate for solutions to debt and bills. Emily the Criminal chronicles one woman’s struggle to live past mistakes and simply survive. Student loans are at the forefront of the news these days, and Emily’s debt is at the root of this story. Director/writer John Patton Ford has created an edgy… Continue reading Emily the Criminal


There is always a challenge in being a writer, director and actor for a film. B.J.Novak, manages to pull off all three well in his first effort. Vengeance, as the name implies, turns on payback for an untimely death and the family that wants someone to answer for it. Novak’s messages ring true, and he… Continue reading VENGEANCE


Not too often do we have a 40-something-year-old cleaning lady as the lead in a movie, but director/co-writer Anthony Fabian manages a sweet and entertaining tale of kindness and determination. Best yet, however, is the delightful cast, led by the talented Lesley Manville, that makes Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris a delightful romp through the… Continue reading MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS

Viture One-GLASSES

I would like to share with you VITURE One, a super-slim, lifestyle-driven pair of smart glasses designed by LAYER for the US tech start-up Viture. The smart glasses display a 120-inch virtual screen in front of the user via the lenses of the eyewear, allowing them to stream media and games discreetly anywhere without the… Continue reading Viture One-GLASSES


For immediate release: Festival Welcomes Directors with Ties to Texas Ben Masters, Raj Patel, John Claiborne Brown, Brandon Holmes, Alejandra Vasquez, and Kathryn Francis    Festival Showcases Powerful Texas Stories of Nature and Conservation, Climate Change, Oil Drilling vs. Property Rights, Boom and Bust Oil, Fast Fashion and more   Dallas, TX (April 21, 2022)… Continue reading TEXAS FILMMAKERS AND STORIES TAKE CENTER STAGE AT EARTHX FILM FESTIVAL 2022, MAY 12-15

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Stanleyville is bizarre. There, I said it. I sat through the 90-minute runtime, wanting to turn it off half the time and wanting to see how it ends for the other. My guest tuned out and I stayed put. Writer/director Maxwell McCabe-Lokos makes an apparent effort to create an intriguing dark comedy, but it never… Continue reading STANLEYVILLE