Fantestic Fest: Kim’s Video

Minimal Spoilers Below “I want the collection to have a voice because it made me find mine.”… Calling all Cinephiles!!!This week the ‘Fantastic Fest’ movie festival brought us some phenomenal documentaries. True stories that I had no idea about. The one that stands out the most in my mind is absolutely ‘Kim’s Video.’ If ever… Continue reading Fantestic Fest: Kim’s Video

Fantastic Fest: Spooktacular! – Spectacular

Contributing Writer – Jordi Levinrad Spoilers Ahead: This is a documentary at Fantastic Fest 2023 for anyone who loves Halloween, horror movies and scares. I had no idea that ‘Spookyworld’ even existed. Still, Quinn Monahan has brought us a fascinating history lesson about America’s first Halloween theme park and offers a captivating glimpse into the… Continue reading Fantastic Fest: Spooktacular! – Spectacular

Mission Impossible, Dead Reckoning: Part 1 

Guest Reviewer: Jordi Levinrad **Spoiler Alert** THIS IS THE KIND OF FILM THAT MOVIE THEATERS EXIST FOR This public service announcement to all Action Movie fans: Mission Impossible, Dead Reckoning: Part 1 is an action-adventure Masterpiece.  Every once in a while, a movie comes along that is so exhilarating it makes your hands clammy like… Continue reading Mission Impossible, Dead Reckoning: Part 1 

FLASH – A Whirlwind of Delights

Guest Contributor Jordi Levinrad ***spoilers ahead*** The Flash is directed by Andy Muschietti and stars Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Michael Shannon, and Sacha Calle. This movie was a whirlwind of delights, with exceptional moments that made me say “wow” on many separate occasions, and with a thrilling pace that lacked any boredom. For any Batman… Continue reading FLASH – A Whirlwind of Delights


True View Reviews Guest Critic: Jordi Levinrad SISU is a fantastic Popcorn Flick that grabs you from the beginning and does not let go for 91 minutes.  The movie poster proclaims “glorious carnage,” and the trailer was absolutely riveting; an excellent sales pitch. I had to see it! Written and directed by Jalmari Helander, the… Continue reading SISU