Caribbean film Candela Now on Digital after the Cannes Film Festival

Director Andrés Farías is a co-writer along with writers Rey Andújar (author of the adapted book) and Laura Conyedo for the drama/thriller Candela. The film was screened at various festivals, earning 18 Official Selections and ten awards, including the prestigious Jury Prize in Biarritz and three Adopresci Awards.

Developed by the Sundance Lab, it was filmed in the Dominican Republic. The story is set at a time when a hurricane is threatened, and three strangers’ fates become entwined. The three individuals come from different backgrounds and lifestyles. We first see wealth and privilege when the audience sees Sera (Sarah Jorge Leon). She may have a high economic experience but favors the nightlife in the plentiful bars on the more impoverished side of town. She can pick and choose from strangers, as would a sex worker. She knows how to dress the part to mix and mingle. She is a sex addict or hates the controlled, rich life so much, and she wants to feel she manages this way where she is unknown.

A policeman, Lieutenant Pérez (Félix Germán), hasn’t been a family man yet and wants to connect with them. He is busy investigating the death of a young poet, Renato, that goes deeper than anticipated. He doesn’t have much of a personal life and gives a good performance.

Candela is a captivating Drag Queen who performs at a tiny cabaret. Candela wants justice for Renato’s death and acts. The costume seen in the film for the early performance is beautiful and is the work of Costume Designer Natalia Aponte.

The use of the hurricane’s sounds as a character (of sorts) is good, and the sound team should be recognized for their contribution to the production.

The 84-minute thriller is presented in Spanish. Candela is now available on digital platforms.

Source: Breaking Glass Pictures

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