#ChadGetsTheAxe Released Now on Digital Platforms and On Demand

Adapted from an award-winning short with the same title, #ChadGetsTheAxe is directed by Travis Bible from the script he co-wrote with Kemerton Hargrove. Synopsis: The feature film follows four social media influencers as they live-stream their trip to Devil’s Manor, the former home of a satanic cult. Things don’t go well. And as the violence ramps up… so do the views.The film stars Spencer Harrison Levin (Black Jesus), Michael Bonini (New Amsterdam), Taneisha Figueroa (Duck World), Cameron Vitosh (Walker), Brandon Doyle (Murder Made Me Famous), and Shun Hagins (Snitch).

“#Spicy” Steve (Michael Bonini) and Chad Ryan (Spencer Harrison Levin), quite the prankster, are game for creating a video – one that Steve intends to impress his viewers with – known as the “Spice Squad.” He gathers another influencer to join him: Beauty blogger Jennifer (Taneisha Figueroa) and her boyfriend Spencer (Cameron Vitosh). They livestream their experience at the Devil’s Manor, said to be haunted. Many stories of satanic and cult activity won’t keep them away, and they are determined to gain more followers with their brave antics live-streamed.

This film will appeal to those who enjoy following people who put themselves out there on live streams and are anxious to gather “followers” in huge numbers. I have seen a few of these films, now known as “the streaming horror genre,” and some are more compelling than others in the past. The filmmakers have taken the group of four and allowed each to provide their perspective of the venture in the manor. I have no doubt there is a target audience for this genre of individuals who put themselves out there in the name of followers they may never know.

It is worth watching and seeing the talent the filmmakers and actors pour into this production. I look forward to viewing other future work in the horror genre.

The film premiered at FilmQuest in October 2022 and internationally at the Glasgow Film Festival in March 2023. The festival – favorite horror-comedy will be available on major on-demand and digital platforms on September 1.

For more information, visit the official page: https://thehorrorcollective.com/film/chadgetstheaxe

Source: The Horror Collective

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