An official selection of Austin’s celebrated Fantastic Fest, the Fantasia International Film Festival, and the Glasgow Film Festival, Country Gold, Director Mickey Reece’s country music comedy, co-written with John Selvidge, is exclusively on Cinedigm’s indie discovery platform Fandor to stream for U.S. audiences. A theatrical roadshow was held recently with Fantastic Fest Presents screenings at select Alamo Drafthouses and additional theaters nationwide. The screenings were an excellent opportunity to view the film if you missed a festival or local theater screening.

Mickey Reese (Alien, Climate of the Hunter, Agnes) stars as an up-and-coming country music star, Troyal Brux (appearing as a Garth Brooks lookalike in hat/clothes), in the mid-90s. In this world created by the filmmaker, this young musician receives a letter from George Jones (Ben Hall), and instead of a concert, he is off to Nashville to meet up with one of his idols. Jones has plans for the next day for himself and wants to have a good time before the great freeze. To say anything about what they got into that night would be too much of a spoiler.

The black and white filmed feature film makes the audience feel like they are in the moment with these two characters. I have yet to read any statements that this screenplay is based on any similar events. Still, it is written and performed so well that an audience member may walk away with a drink like they just partied alongside these celebrities.

Here is one to watch if you want to view a comedy/fantasy film to escape from the real world for about 84 minutes.

The cast also includes Ginger Gilmartin and Colleen Elizabeth Miller, among others.

Source: Fandor, Fantastic Fest

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