Dances with Films Fest Movie Review: Sally, Get the Potatoes

The 27th Annual Dances with Films Film Festival in Los Angeles continues this week (from June 20-30th, 2024). I was able to view several unique and very different short films. Among them is Sally Get the Potatoes.

Sally, Get the Potatoes – West Coast Premiere [KIDZ Programming]
Sally (Kynlee Heiman, Family Ornaments) is the youngest in her wealthy family, looking sharp for the holiday dinner. She hears her family discussing in the living room and not a holly–jolly one. Sally wants to play, but no one else does. She asks to help in the kitchen, and her mom asks her to go to the pantry to prepare potatoes for the company’s coming. Challenged by the sheer size and weight of the potatoes, she decides to play instead when she sees the laundry cart. The housekeeper does not know Sally is playing hide and seek; thus, when rolling around, the sibling’s and father’s secrets/issues are revealed.

The performance by Kynlee Heiman is wonderful as she portrays an innocent child on the cusp of the holiday, only to be crushed by the knowledge of what each individual reveals. Her IMDb credits include commercials and other shorts, and her performance in this film is excellent as she shows the range of her skills. I have no doubt she will have more opportunities to be seen on television or in movies. The other actors performed effectively in their respective roles, but the child actress is a scene stealer. This narrative short film, along with the promising performance of Kynlee Heiman, is a testament to the potential of independent filmmaking. Congratulations to the filmmaker on this narrative short film and I look forward to future productions.

Cast: Kynlee Heiman, Clark Carmichael, and Quinn Hemphill
Danicah Waldo is a Director, Writer, and Producer living in Brooklyn, New York. A former child actor, Waldo is committed to providing a safe and inclusive set for children and their parents.

The World Premiere was at the Big Apple Film Festival. Run Time: 16 minutes

Source: Yellow Chair Films

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