Dances with Films Festival Movie Review: You Are Here – Realizing the Enormity of the Universe

The 27th annual Dances With Films: LA is ongoing from June 20-30th. The Los Angeles’ leading independent film festival has an array of films and genres, with screenings at the TCL Chinese Theatre (6925 Hollywood Blvd). There are 152 short films (101 narrative and 20 documentaries, 13 Kidz sections, 18 Downbeat/Music), and I have reviewed a few.

You are Here -West Coast Premiere – Fusion Shorts Block 2
Logline: When insurance salesman Peter Kleebold reads an article about the size of the universe, he experiences an existential tailspin that leads him on a journey to escape his world.

Lead actor Lehi Makisi Falepapalangi (Next Goal Wins) portrays Peter Kleebold, the owner of an insurance agency. While working one day, he reads about the galaxy and the number of stars. In the middle of a meeting with an employee, he shocks her and other employees when faced with the size of the universe, too. He leaves the office and drives out to a remote place, and by nightfall, he looks towards space. The next day in the office, he appears calm and business as usual.

I was not familiar with Falepapalangi’s acting career until I viewed the film Next Goal Wins. I am glad to have seen this film to be more aware of his acting capabilities. He first appears to be a regular boss in the office, but that morning’s newspaper and the employee jolted him from day-to-day work into worrying about how small we are compared to the rest of the universe. When he tells off an employee for eating broccoli during her lunch break, his performance of someone losing their mind over something is very good.

DIRECTOR: Michael Friberg is an award-winning editorial and commercial photographer, with work appearing in The New Yorker, Esquire, New York Times, and Times Magazine. He is bi-coastal in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles and makes films in his pastimes. He shot this short film in Salt Lake City, where the lead actor resides.

RUN TIME: 7:51

Source: Michael Friberg and Dances With Film Festival

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