DARK WINDOWS in Select Theaters and On Demand on August 18

Dark Windows is directed by Alex Herron (Leave) based on the script by Ulvrik Kraft (also credited as Wolf Kraft). This horror/thriller has a synopsis about a group of teenagers going off for the weekend to a cabin and then being terrorized. If someone reads this, there is plenty of reason to think there is yet another film about people leaving an urban setting and going to a rural area, only not to have a peaceful time. If it sounds predictable, yes, it is, and that is not appealing to me. In Kraft’s story, there is more to the character’s background besides the wealthy going on holiday to a huge country home and by no means a cabin.

The viewer learns that a young lady, Ali (Grace Binford Sheene), has passed away, and the gathering at her family’s home is in process. Tilly (Anna Bullard) attends the wake and is not welcomed by Ali’s Uncle Bob (Morten Holst) nor Ali’s boyfriend, Andrew (Thomas Takyi). She is shunned as the one who caused the reckless auto accident. The other two passengers, Monica (Annie Hamilton) and Peter (Rory Alexander), are also present and see how Tilly is treated. They suggest that they take a long weekend trip away from the city to work through their grief and the drama as survivors. It takes only one or two scenes to establish that Peter keeps the alcohol close all day/night.

The drama at the country home surfaces, and there is reason to think these three survivors are keeping a secret. Monica suggests the trio “move on” soon after the funeral, and this is disturbing to Tilly. Of course, when Peter is told something about his excessive drinking, he denies it and revolts. The drama continues, and meanwhile, they are being watched from the bushes – we see shadows and things going bump in the night, as can be predicted. Ultimately, there is a home invasion scene, and when the masked intruder shows his face, we know his intentions. He follows through, and it is over. I won’t add any spoilers to this 80-minute film. It is “not rated,” but generally, this type of film is an R with the drinking and action taken at the end.

The actors are good in their respective performances. A glaring observation is that except for Ali (who is seen only briefly in the film), the actors that play the role of “teenagers” do not look like teens. They look like young adults; if they are closer to 30 in real life, they may look youthful but certainly not like a teen.

Starring: Anna Bullard, Annie Hamilton, Rory Alexander, Jóel Sæmundsson, Morten Holst

Dark Windows was on the schedule to screen at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival this week, but for fans of the genre, this film will be in select theaters and On Demand on August 18, 2023.

Source: Brainstorm Media

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