Fantastic Fest 2022: MISSING

Fantasia International Film Festival, and Fantastic Fest where I was able to view the film on the big screen. The film captivated me from start to finish and I know it is one of the films from Japan that I will recommend to my film loving fans – especially those who enjoy international films. This exciting and intense drama from Katayama was co-written with Kazuhisa Kotera and Ryô Takada. What appears to be a story about a father/daughter, remains so despite the actions each take over the course of the film. Fathers will do what they think is best for their families in order to resolve issues, but in this case his course of action is more than questionable. There are several characters involved and unfortunately, this father’s deeds are not ones that his daughter approves of. I won’t say more so there aren’t any spoilers, as this is a film to be experienced, step by step. Look for it on the platforms listed (see below).  

About: Depressed and in debt following the death of his wife, Santoshi (Jiro Sato) tells his young daughter he has found a way out. Pointing to a reward note, he vows to find the infamous serial killer “No Name” (Hiroya Shimizu) and cash in, claiming to have seen the man in the flesh a few days earlier. Kaeda (Aoi Ito) cannot take her aloof father serious. But when he goes missing without a trace, she starts to fear the worst—and must begin looking for him. The film also stars Misato Morita.  


About the director: After working as an assistant director for Japanese films, including Nobuhiro Yamashita’s works, filmmaker Shinzô Katayama crossed paths with Bong Joon-Ho while shooting “TOKYO!” (2008) and served as his assistant director on “Mother” (2009). In 2019, his debut feature, “Siblings of the Cape” was selected by numerous domestic and international film festivals. He now is one of the most promising, emerging directors in Japan, and his second feature, MISSING (“Sagasu /さがす”) is his commercial film debut. Japan, 2021 (In Japanese with English Subtitles), 124 Minutes

A VOD/ Cable release in the US and Canada is set for November 18, 2022, on the following platforms:  iTunes/Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, YouTube, Vudu, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, Verizon Fios, Cox, Direct TV, Dish Network and others. The Blu Ray release for the film will be on December 6, 2022.


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