Fantastic Fest 2022 Offers International Films – Spain, South America and Mexico

Fantastic Fest 2022 takes place for in person viewing of films at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, Texas from September 22-29. There are virtual screenings available from September 29-October 4. There are films from the USA and all over the world, and in this article, I have highlighted several films that hail from Spain, South America and Mexico. For the complete lineup and how to purchase badges, visit

Amazing Elisa [Spain, 2022] World Premiere, 104 min
Director – Sadrac Gonzalez-Perellon
In attendance – Director Sadrac Gonzalez-Perellon
In the aftermath of a horrific accident, Elisa believes that she’s been given super powers and will stop at nothing to avenge her mother’s death.

The Antares Paradox [Spain, 2022] World Premiere, 96 min
Director – Luis Tinoco Pineda
In attendance – Director Luis Tinoco Pineda
An astrophysicist working for the SETI project risks her career and family to verify an extraterrestrial radio signal before her access is cut off.

Disappear Completely [Mexico, 2022] World Premiere, TBD min
Director – Luis Javier Henaine
After sneaking onto a crime scene to snap pictures of a corpse, an ambitious photographer stumbles into a curse that takes away his senses one by one.

The Elderly [Spain, 2022] US Premiere, 95 min
Directors – Raul Cerezo & Fernando Gonzalez Gomez
An octogenarian starts behaving weirdly in the wake of his wife’s sudden suicide as he prepares for events leading up to a mysterious apocalypse.

Everyone Will Burn [Spain, 2021] North American Premiere, 120 min
Director – David Hebrero
In attendance – Director David Hebrero
A mysterious young girl interrupts María José’s suicide attempt, offering the power to take revenge on the villagers responsible for her son’s death.

Evil Eye [Mexico, 2022] World Premiere, 100 min
Director – Isaac Ezban
In attendance – Director Isaac Ezban, Actor Paola Miguel
Left in the care of their eccentric grandmother, Nala discovers that the tough old lady has sinister plans for her chronically ill sister, Luna.

Garcia! [Spain, 2022] World Premiere of 1st 2 Episodes, 114 min
Director – Eugenio Mira
In attendance – Director Eugenio Mira
On the hunt for a scoop that could secure her a job, a journalist intern inadvertently awakens a superhuman agent created by Franco’s regime.

Huesera [Mexico, Peru, 2022] Texas Premiere, 97 min
Director – Michelle Garza Cervera
In attendance – Director Michelle Garza Cervera
An expectant young mother confronts her past demons in Michelle Garza Cervera’s creepy mash-up between a folk ghost story and an anxiety attack.

La Pieta [Spain, Argentina, 2022] US Premiere, 84 min
Director – Eduardo Casanova
In attendance – Director Eduardo Casanova
A terminal cancer diagnosis upends a claustrophobic mother-son relationship in Spain’s auteur of weirdness, Eduardo Casanova’s sophomore film.

Manticore [Spain, 2022] US Premiere, 115 min
Director – Carlos Vermut In attendance – Director Carlos Vermut
Spanish cult director Carlos Vermut returns to the festival with an unsettling, intimate portrait of a real-life monster tortured by a grim secret.

Piggy [Spain, 2022] Texas Premiere, 90 min
Director – Carlota Pereda In attendance – Director Carlota Pereda
When a bullied girl’s tormentors are kidnapped, she faces the ultimate moral test: Does she help or allow them to suffer as payback?

Satanic Hispanics [USA, Mexico, Argentina, 2022] World Premiere, 105 min
Directors – Mike Mendez, Demian Rugna, Eduardo Sanchez, Gigi Saul Guerrero & Alejandro Brugues
In attendance – Directors Mike Mendez, Demian Rugna, Eduardo Sanchez, Gigi Saul Guerrero & Alejandro Brugues
Five crazy and original shorts from five entertaining Hispanic directors, together in an anthology that will make you laugh and jump in fright.

Tintorera! [Mexico, United Kingdom, 1977] Repertory 35mm Screening, 85 min
Director – René Cardona Jr.
A tiger shark disrupts two best friends’ blissful plans to enjoy life in the Caribbean in this Mexican sharksploitation classic from 1977.

Unicorn Wars [Spain, France, 2022] US Premiere, 92 min
Director – Alberto Vázquez
After a bloody defeat in their apocalyptic war against the Unicorns, the Teddy Bear army launches a desperate attack in the heart of the magic forest.

Venus [Spain, 2022] US Premiere, 100 min
Director – Jaume Balagueró In attendance – Director Jaume Balagueró
Injured in an attempt to steal from her boss, Lucía hides with her sister, unaware that something’s very wrong with the rundown building’s residents.

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