Fantastic Fest 2022: THE ANTARES PARADOX

Onirikal Studio known for the visual effects of more than 100 film and TV international titles, had the international premiere of their first self-produced feature film, The Antares Paradox, at Fantastic Fest. The film is by writer and director Luis Tinoco (multi-awarded short film: Caronte).

Synopsis: Alexandra is on duty shift at a radio telescope when a strange signal is detected, and if verified, it would answer one of the most important questions in humanity. She only has two hours to verify the signal, but a sudden family matter will force her to face an inner struggle in a race against the clock to unveil one of the mysteries of the universe.

Andrea Trepat (Mar de Plástico, Gran Hotel, Amar es para siempre) plays Alexandra Baeza, the main character facing a critical and extreme personal situation while she is on the verge of making history by receiving a signal from far- away Antares. She must confirm it and faces challenges. There is a raging storm in the region where the radio telescope is located, creating even more difficulty with the potential to destroy the facilities needed to confirm via the established protocols.

There was a constant feeling of urgency to do it all and under pressure, and this cast performed well together to convey the tension and the emotion needed to keep the audience engaged.
Trepat turns in an excellent performance in this dramatic thriller shot in a single location for three weeks in a set created in the production company facilities. The additional cast are also impressive in their roles, including Aleida Torrent, David Ramírez (as Fernando) and Jaume de Sans as Manuel Baeza (the father in the hospital). The production had a special collaboration with José Luis Crespo (Quantum Fracture), Youtuber and science communicator with millions of followers.

The music for The Antares Paradox is excellent and the soundtrack is composed by Arnau Bataller (Rec 4, Way Down, A Perfect Day, etc.). The sound design is by Andrey Francés (Keloid, The Host Of The Heaven, Null, etc.). Frank Gutierrez is the editor (La teta asustada, Una pistola en cada mano) and Onirikal Studio provided the visual effects.

About Onirikal Studio – In 2016 the studio started its own film production with the sci-fi short film, Caronte, winner of 65 international awards and more than 200 film festival selections around the world. The Antares Paradox is the culmination of these years of effort as its first feature film.

The release for the film to be seen by a wider audience is not available as of press time but hope we can announce it to our readers soon. It is worth watching this smart and entertaining film created independently.

Source: Onirikal Studio

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