Fantastic Fest 2023 Film Review: Transition film from Spain debuts in the Shorts Fuse

Director David Velduque co-wrote the short film Transition (Transición) with writers Ana Pizarro and Marco Laborda. Transition tells the story of an elderly trans woman, Angela, who lives alone, fearful of strangers and change. When the arrival of a new caregiver upends her reality, she struggles to come to terms with truth vs. fantasy.

I have not viewed any of the filmmaker’s short films, but Transition (Transición) is impressive with the cinematography by Alejandro Buera as the audience views the lovely Angela at home. Angela has a close relationship with the current caregiver, who must be gone for a while, and a substitute will be attending. Angela has some anxiety over a stranger entering the home and other feelings that surface when there is a change in the routine.

The script by the writers covers the drama, fantasy, and horror elements that Angela goes through as the attendant/caregiver is seen preparing food. Angela has so many ideas going on, and it is disorienting.

The film could be developed into a longer story as it tells about Angela’s life as a younger person and through the decades.

Filmmaker David Velduque, born in Madrid, Spain, is a director and producer, also known for Estigma (2018) and Animal (2019), aside from work in television series.

The film is a 2023 nominee for the Short Fuse Award for Best Film.

Here’s a link to the trailer: TRANSICIÓN de David Velduque – Tráiler oficial

Source: Fantastic Fest, IMDb

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