Film News: Fantastic Fest 2023 Lineup Offers Diverse Films from Around the World

Fantastic Fest is back for its eighteenth edition, featuring 29 World Premieres, 24 North American Premieres, and 18 U.S. Premieres. The festival will again be held at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, TX, from September 21st – 28th. The festival will open with the World Premiere of Legendary Pictures’ The Toxic Avenger from director Macon Blair. It will close with the World Premiere of Prime Video and Blumhouse’s Totally Killer from director Nahnatchka Khan.

Fantastic Fest presents the World Premieres of two highly anticipated limited series: the second season of HBO’s 30 COINS from renowned Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia and Netflix’s The Fall Of The House of Usher from genre maestro Mike Flanagan.

Aside from the feature films, there are also episodics, a variety of short film selections, parties, and other events to experience as the whole festival experience.

What You Wish For

The thriller What You Wish For was at Fantasia International Film Festival in July, Frightfest in the United Kingdom in August, and now at Fantastic Fest, screening first on September 22nd. The film is the second feature film from writer-director Nick Tomnay. His debut feature film is The Perfect Host (2010), starring David Hyde Pierce. What You Wish For stars Nick Stahl (Terminator 3, Sin City),
is a twisty psychological thriller

What You Wish For synopsis: A down-on-his-luck chef gets more than he bargained for when he enters the life of an old culinary school pal, a private chef for the über-rich.

THE COFFEE TABLE Spain, 2022 North American Premiere, 90 min Director – Caye Casas

Sometimes, a gaudy coffee table is just a coffee table, and sometimes, it’s the catalyst for a nightmarish descent into ruination.

DIVINITY USA, 2023 Texas Premiere, 88 min Director – Eddie Alcazar

A mad scientist’s serum grants perfect bodies and immortality, but at a cost: rampant infertility leads to an undying society based only on pleasure.

THE FANTASTIC GOLEM AFFAIRS Spain, 2023 US Premiere, 97 min Directors – Burnin’ Percebes-

After his best friend falls to his death and shatters into potteryshards, Juan uncovers a secret world of living golems in this offbeat comedy.

FOUR’S A CROWD Spain, 2022 Texas Premiere, 100 min Director – Álex de la Iglesia –

Two unexpected passengers complicate an Uber driver’s plan to declare his feelings for one of his regular customers during a 300 km drive to Madrid.

PROJECT SILENCE South Korea, 2023 North American Premiere, 101 min Director – Tae-gon Kim

A car pileup on a foggy bridge pits survivors against a pack of vicious dogs in this satirical horror pitched between THE HOST and TRAIN TO BUSAN.

I’LL CRUSH Y’ALL Spain, 2023 World Premiere, 92 min Director – Kike Narcea,

A retired boxing champion, and his dog must defend his family’s country farm from wave after wave of gangsters in this bloody, bare-knuckle brawler.

PROPERTY Brazil, 2022 North American Premiere, 101 min Director – Daniel Bandeire –

A gang of disenfranchised farmhands traps a traumatized woman in her armored car in Daniel Bandeira’s Brazilian take on the home invasion.

RAGE Mexico, 2023 North American Premiere, 93 min Director – Jorge Michel Grau –

The only child in a rundown gated community mourns his mother’s death as suspicious events lead him to suspect his father may be a werewolf.

RIDDLE OF FIRE USA, 2023 US Premiere, 113 min Director – Weston Razooli

Three children go on an epic quest to uncover the password for their TV, finding themselves in their video game-like adventure in the real world.

SLEEP South Korea, 2023 US Premiere, 95 min Director – Jason Yu –

Somnambulism takes on a frightful new meaning in this clever, claustrophobic Korean chiller from former Bong Joon-ho assistant director Jason Yu.

SPOOKTACULAR! USA, 2023 World Premiere, 105 min Director – Quinn Monahan –

A new documentary tells the warts-and-all story behind America’s first horror theme park, Spooky World.

SRI ASIH: THE WARRIOR Indonesia, 2022 North American Premiere, 133 min. Director – Upi Avianto

An aspiring boxer discovers she’s a reincarnation of the goddess Asih in this Indonesian superhero movie focused on punching terrible men in the face.

VISITORS (COMPLETE EDITION) Japan, 2023 World Premiere, 61 min Director – Kenichi Ugana

A rock ‘n’ roll band drop in unannounced on a friend and find themselves plummeting into a wackadoo reverie of monsters and mayhem.

THE WAIT Spain, 2023 North American Premiere, 99 min Director – F. Javier Gutiérrez –

The gamekeeper of a wealthy man’s rural hunting grounds accepts a bribe from the local hunting guide, which spirals downward into dire consequences.

WHEN EVIL LURKS Argentina, Uruguay, 2023 US Premiere, 99 min Director –

Demián Rugna – Two brothers uncover a deadly secret festering their village. They are soon in a race to contain a demon threatening to extinguish their community.

YOU’RE NOT ME Spain, 2023 World Premiere, 98 min Directors – Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera

Aitana arrives at her estranged parents’ home for a surprise Christmas visit and discovers they’ve replaced her with a strange live-in caretaker.

For the latest developments and how to attend, visit the Fantastic Fest official site, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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