I’ll BE WATCHING to be released on Digital Platforms

Erik Bernard (Free Dead or Alive) directed the home invasion thriller I’ll Be Watching, written by Elisa Manzini (“Hollywood Angels” TV series) and Sara Sometti Michaels (St. Agatha). It will have a digital release this week. Reading the term “home invasion” in a script may remind an audience of some of the usual and predictable scenes from past films, but this screenplay is gripping as it has some new or current concepts. I am trying not to reveal the whole story as I write this, as it is worth watching.

Julie (Eliza Taylor, “The 100” TV series) is an accomplished artist and is married to a tech entrepreneur Marcus (Bob Morley, “The 100” TV series). He misses an important career event for Julie. When Julie’s sister Rebecca (Hannah Fierman, (V/H/S) helps run an errand at their home, she notices the alarm is not working and is murdered. The couple’s marriage is on the rocks when the strain of grief and other issues pile up. Against the recommendation of their therapist, Marcus convinces Julie to move to the country, saying he would work from home, spend more time together, etc. They move and settle in, and he assures Julie the top-notch security system he developed will keep them safe.

Again, not regarding what is best for Julie, Marcus leaves on an international work trip, throwing her anxiety up. Despite his ability to monitor the home from afar, she believes the voices and noise she hears. The small town’s sheriff (David Keith, An Officer and a Gentlemen) responds to her 911 calls, finds no sign of entry, and doesn’t understand how the “messages” the alleged intruder sent can now be missing from her phone. During the five-day trip, Marcus is away, she experiences psychological torture by unknown elements, and Marcus can’t figure out how this is happening. Something is wrong when the system developer doesn’t know what is wrong/where the glitch is.

TRAILER: https://youtu.be/lZF24x4VrOQ

The actors all provide outstanding performances, especially Eliza Taylor, who portrays an individual with many emotions and mental health issues over the last months and weeks of her life.

I’ll Be Watching releases on digital and On Demand Tuesday, May 2 (iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube Movies, Google Play, Vudu, and many more). The film is an hour and 30 minutes.

Source: Uncork’d Entertainment

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