It’s a Wonderful Knife Horror Film available on Shudder on AMC+

Directed by Tyler MacIntyre (Tragedy Girls, V/H/S/99) and written by Michael Kennedy (Freaky), It’s a Wonderful Knife is a horror film where gentrification and the high-end life is taking over established homes (even historic) and declining the offer to sell is not an option. Although some viewers have expressed similarities to the 1946 film, It’s a Wonderful Life, and if you can see beyond that, this script will serve as entertainment on a stay-at-home winter night. If you have seen Totally Killer at Fantastic Fest or when it was released on Amazon a couple of months ago, this may have a similar appeal.

Henry Waters (Justin Long, “Ed” TV series, Drag Me to Hell, Live Free or Die Hard) is a real estate agent in the small town of Angel Falls. Waters is developing a part of town into more retail, Waters Cover, and needs the final homeowner to sell. Roger Evans (William B. Davis) is considered the town’s patriarch and lives there with his granddaughter and is best friends with Winnie Carruthers (Jane Widdop, “Yellowjackets” TV series, Jessica Darling’s It List).

Unfortunately, a white-robed, mask-wearing killer begins a killing spree, starting with the Evans. Winnie is beside herself with grief, and when face to face with the killer, she is intelligent and resourceful to manage to get him and find out who the serial killer is. Although she is considered a “hero,” things are not working in Winnie’s favor. Even after a year, so many things seemed doomed, and she voices a wish for herself that ultimately causes a change in her life. Her father, David (Joel McHale, “Community” TV series), and the rest of the family seem to go about their business without her.

It takes a while before she realizes the consequence of what she voiced. Regretfully, she jumps into action to face what has changed in the community and find someone willing to believe her and become her ally.

Additional Cast: Katherine Isabelle (Unexpected Grace) as Gale Prescott, Jess McLeod (The Unforgivable, “One of Us is Lying” TV series) as Bernie Simon, and Cassandra Naud (Influencer) as Karen Simmons, among others.

Run Time: 87 minutes | Rating: R

It’s a Wonderful Knife had a limited theatrical release in Austin. The holiday horror film is releasing on Shudder on AMC+, and everywhere you rent movies on December 1, 2023.

Source: Shudder

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