MATCH ME IF YOU CAN World Premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival

The Dallas International Film Festival was held from April 28 – May 5, 2023, and hosted the World Premiere of Director Marian Yeager’s feature film, Match Me if You Can, Texas Feature Competition category. The script is written by Betsy Morris (Ten Inch Hero, Last Call at Murray’s) and is about finding love when deemed “unmatchable” by an online matchmaking service. All too often, I must keep an open mind about viewing a romantic comedy as the writing tends to lean toward the predictable story beats often seen before in so many films. They may still be exciting and have a great cast, but the real entertainment factor is missing from good writing. I highly recommend viewing the movie by these filmmakers who create a story about a topic in today’s world of technology – how something can go so very wrong and, at the same time – result in something positive.

A significant part of this review also announces that this film can be seen at the Hill Country Film Festival this week. The film will be screened in the Narrative Feature category on Saturday, June 3, at 4:45 pm. For information on how to attend, visit

Kip (Georgina Reilly, Quantum Leap, “Murdoch Mysteries”) often prefers the company of her pet hermit crab Jones when she is not at work as a computer nerd or cosplays with her friends after work. She is very close to these friends – Meta (Brian George, “The Big Bang Theory,” “Seinfeld”), LB (Brad Ofoegbu), and Sanjay (Kanwar Singh) – as they all have issues with the immediate boss, who is a pain to work with. They are her confidants and talk about all topics in and out of the office. There are some very humorous scenes with them.

She finds herself reading through an online matchmaking service and finds herself with a result of “unmatchable.” The rant she posts about the result she is given hits a nerve with many others on the world wide web, garnering fame of sorts when the rant reaches so many, and it is not what she expected.

Riley Detamore (Wilson Bethel, “All Rise,” “Daredevil”), who runs the company that rejected her, does not understand why the bad reviews are being spread as he claims there is no such result. He has developed this company independently and has his family as his “staff” and advisors. He is quite a nerd but wants to save his company. He sets up a meeting with Kip, posing as another person, gaining insight into why she is trying to ruin all he has created and developed on his own.

I won’t give in to providing spoilers about the chain of events that happen when they talk, and things are not perfect at times, but the nerds find a spark that the computer could not. The film and the festival should make for an exciting and entertaining weekend in the Hill Country.

Source: DIFF and HCFF

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