Megalomaniac Available on Digital after Festival Favorite Run in 2022

Megalomaniac premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival last year, where it took home the top Jury Prize for Best Feature. The film about a dark serial killer is an ultra-violent horror movie. Aside from the win at Fantasia, the lead actress, Eline Schumacher has won awards for her “outstanding” and “best” performance at festivals.

An early scene in the film is of Martha (Eline Schumacher) working in maintenance in a remote part of the building. A creepy man is slithering toward where she is mopping. So much tension is building up that he needs better intentions. I felt my body tense up as he approached, and as he overtook her and worse, another man was standing there who did nothing to stop him or aid her. She does not report the attack to her superiors or anyone else. She appears to be timid, perhaps naïve, or unaware to tell someone about the experience. It is not until another scene where she is in a large home, has prepared a dish, and is viewing social media on her phone. When she starts talking about the plate of food and then beats it out of frustration, it is obvious her trauma has taken a toll on her. Then, she devours the food with absolutely no manners.

She also has a nightmare and runs to another room where a man named Felix sleeps. It is unclear if they are related at this point, but then there is enough to figure out they are siblings. He doesn’t like her to go to his room. He looks menacing enough to know there is much more going on.

Soon, we see Felix entering a church, but not as we usually know it. It is dimly lit; a woman is close to the altar, and the terrifying tension arises again. Soon, we see Felix lying in his bed with no expression, but he is reliving what he has done to a woman underneath a bridge and dumping trash bags somewhere.

Unfortunately, Martha continues going through the abuse at work and tells her brother she is fine, and he knows her well enough that it isn’t so. Felix also continues to spend his evenings out taking out the trash.

Martha does not ask much from her brother until one day, she asks him for “one,” which he promptly denies. He changes his mind and surprises her one day. She is elated as if she had just received a present. This moment is another time the viewer learns more about Martha and the needs she wants to fulfill. She has a new social worker arrive unannounced at the house to introduce herself, and during the home visit, she reviews Martha’s medicines (for who knows how many medical issues). In time, we learn of one.

Martha decides to act and invites the three co-workers to dinner at her house with wine. Felix has always stressed that Martha is patient, and after the meal, Felix ensures the abusers have no other opportunities to hurt his sister. After viewing this, accepting a dinner invitation may give you pause.

The film is available on Digital September 26th via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and more.

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