The action thriller Mercy, directed by Tony Dean Smith (Volition, The Killer Downstairs), features Dr. Michelle (Leah Gibson, “Batwoman,” “Manifest” TV series) about to end a shift at Mercy Hospital to take her pre-teen son, Bobby (Anthony Bolognese, Alter, Christmas Under the Stars) for a birthday celebration. There is a last-minute emergency that delays the festivities – shooting victims in the ER – and she stays to help. Without knowing the details, the hospital is unprepared for the chaos and danger to descend on the hospital and the staff. Writer Alex Wright (Stolen from the Suburbs, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell, A Family Christmas Gift) has penned a good action thriller, but while very similar to hostage films because of the circumstances, it can be perceived as predictable by some. It has identical scenes from other hostage situations, but what I found to keep my attention is Dr. Michelle’s preparedness for a hostile situation and ability to outsmart the criminals who don’t know her.

Dr. Michelle is an ex-military doctor who lost her husband in combat and died in the military facility where she works. Now at Mercy Hospital, she finds her training and skills must be utilized to save herself, her son, and the staff. The Irish Mafia, led by Patrick Quinn (Jon Voight, “Ray Donovan” TV series, Midnight Cowboy), have control of the hospital to release son Ryan Quinn (Anthony Konechny, “Animal Kingdom,” “Almost Human” TV series, X-Men: Apocalypse) who was shot while on FBI transport. Elder son Sean (Jonathan Rhys Myers, 97 Minutes, Yakuza Princess, “Vikings” TV series) has his agenda – take over the reins of the family business from Patrick/Ryan – so cue the family drama.

At this point, the dialogue from this family rivalry falters in the script. Voight is a strong actor who can easily portray the leader of this mafia group. Still, the audience is not informed why he appears to defer the leadership to Sean – a real bully with a bit of conscience – while in the hospital. The thugs act as if Patrick has already been bypassed and only listen to Sean. Ryan is not safe.

Gibson is excellent as a mother who turns “mama bear” when she learns Bobby is now the Mafia’s hostage, and her military skills kick in fully to take out the thugs.

Mercy does have good action scenes directed by Smith and stunt co-ordinator Dan Rizzuto (Boss Level, Skyscraper) with plenty of things to go boom and the shootouts. There are good scenes of Gibson fighting off the thugs when they try to get physical with her – she is not going down – she gets them.

The cast members are Bradley Stryker, Caitlin Stryker, Marc-Anthony Massiah, Mark Masterton, Mike Dopud, Patrick Roccas, and Sebastian Roberts.

Mercy is a good action film to watch while it is now available digitally and on VOD Platforms.

Source: Paramount Global Content Distribution

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