From visionary director Robert Eggers comes The Northman, an action-filled epic that follows a young Viking prince, Amleth (Alexander Skarsgard), on his quest to avenge his father’s murder (IMDB).

I was resigned in knowing this film was going to be graphic and gory but that turned out to be an understatement. This is one of the most intense films I have seen in a long time and Skarsgard performs brilliantly. He has absolutely one thing on his mind, avenge his fathers murder. He spends his entire life toward this end.

This film is well made, acted and is visually stunning. However, know going in it is a no holds barred violent quest. There is even an appearance from Ethan Hawke as King Aurvandil War-Raven and Willem Dafoe as Heimir The Fool. Both are fantastic in their roles. If you are wanting to see an intense film this is the one for you. It is lengthy at a bit over two hours but seeing Skarsgard in a loincloth helps.

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