Pepe Serna: Life is Art Documentary available on Digital

The documentary by first-time director Luis Reyes, Pepe Serna: Life is Art, was first screened in theaters in film festivals, including the Austin Film Festival and subsequently the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and San Diego Latino Film Festival. Someone unfamiliar with the actor’s name initially may need help remembering who he is. Still, after a look at his photos, his memorable performances can be viewed in Scarface (a partner to Al Pacino’s character) and other film and television shows.

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, his film acting career began in 1970 and is in films such as Man from Reno, Aguruphobia, Downsizing, The Planters, and director Eva Longoria Bastón’s feature film, Flamin’ Hot (2023) that world premiered here in Austin at the SXSW Film and Television Festival. He has many acting credits for television as well, including “With Love” and “The PJs” TV series (42 episodes).

I have seen Serna’s performances in multiple films of varied genres, portraying various supporting characters. I have not seen all his movies, but I met and interviewed him once briefly. I interviewed him while he was on break from filming in San Antonio many years ago. He is very cordial and welcoming. I was ready to view this documentary to learn more about Serna’s life as an actor and artist. The documentary is most informative about his life in Corpus Christi, Texas, and the transition to life and work in California. The film includes individuals who provide in-depth knowledge of his life and work, including friends and associates Eva Longoria, Edward James Olmos, Cheech Marin, and Luis Valdez.

Serna is also a visual artist. Viewing images of his art on the screen while viewing the documentary provides an exceptionally vibrant background while learning about him. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries. His recent memoir “Life is Art” recounts his motivational story from humble beginnings and offers life-changing lessons for overcoming adversity. “Life is Art” is available for purchase. For more information on the book and art, visit

In addition to Hollywood success, he conducts motivational and improvisational workshops in high schools nationwide.

The documentary received awards in 2022, including Best Documentary at the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival and the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival, the Audience Award at the San Diego Latino Film Festival, and the Festival Prize at the South Texas International Film Festival.

Pepe Serna: Life Is Art is premiering on digital platforms on February 21, 2024 (available for streaming on Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu).

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