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Synopsis: In Pure O, a rehab counselor (Daniel Dorr, Fury, 20th Century Women) questions his sanity when he is diagnosed with a crippling form of OCD known as Pure Obsessional. With the help of his friends, a therapy group, and his addiction recovery clients, he discovers the life-affirming power of community to fight through the darkest moment of his life.

When I was offered the information about the film, I was not completely informed about obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and the various forms of it. I chose not to “guess” or anticipate from the filmmaker, Dillon Tucker, who directed, wrote, and edited the film and created the music for it. This provocative drama will have the audience see how the protagonist, Cooper (Daniel Dorr, 20th Century Woman), is functioning with his mental health condition, learning of his more accurate diagnosis, Pure O, which then leads him to treatment that helps make a difference in his life.

It is a well-written script that immerses the viewer in Cooper’s world and that of his girlfriend, who becomes his fiancé, Emily (Hope Lauren, CW’s The Republic of Sarah), and other family/relationships. The film is so much more than Cooper’s story, as he is employed as a rehabilitation counselor in Los Angeles, and how day in and day out, he is actively working with others and their conditions and attending his group therapy to help himself. The story is performed authentically by the actors who portray the characters in the script by filmmaker Tucker, inspired by his condition. All the cast should be commended for their performances, some extremely emotional at times, making it hard to watch a few scenes. Aside from Dorr and Lauren’s acting, another actor to mention is Landry Bender (“The Republic of Sarah,” “Fuller House” TV series), who portrays 18-year-old Rachel in rehabilitation. Jeffery A. Baker also performs well and is worthy of recognition as Brandon, who is in rehabilitation (or he goes to jail). He and Rachel have some scenes where they are continually at odds.

Pure O marks the directorial debut of actor-musician-filmmaker Dillon Tucker. It features excellent cinematography by Tucker’s longtime creative collaborator, Ricky Fosheim, and a vibrant soundtrack of Tucker’s original songs, which are very good. Fosheim also serves as a producer.

This statement by Tucker is provided by a press release: “Pure O is a semi-autobiographical account of my life around the time I was diagnosed with OCD while working as a counselor at a drug and alcohol rehab. It is a true ensemble piece that shows how mental health affects not only the sufferer but also the loved ones who surround them. This film is about the power of human connection and how vulnerability is the greatest form of courage.”

Pure O had its world premiere at SXSW 2023 and was nominated for the Grand Jury Award. It was released theatrically in Los Angeles on Friday, April 5, and is now available on major platforms (US, Canada, UK). 2024 | USA | 118 minutes

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