Review: 1st NIGHT

By Renee’ Collins

Rating: 4.5 (Out of 5 Reels)

Adam (Richard E. Grant), a rich industrialist aspires to become an opera singer and decides to throw an opera in his lavish English country retreat.  He hires some of the best opera singers in the business and casts himself in the production.

The entire cast of this film is absolutely wonderful.  I have seen Grant in many films before and look forward to more performances from him in the future.  I believe I have seen Sarah Brightman sing on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) before.  She is an absolute fabulously talented singer who is world renowned.  Here, in her budding acting career, she portrays Celia who takes a break from singing to be the orchestra conductor in Adam’s production, who by the way is head over heels in love with her.

The cast eventually pair off professionally and personally whilst rehearsing for the performance which they have only three weeks to prepare.  I truly enjoy most British productions because they are quick witted and portray the true human condition in the most realistic fashion.  Each character has their own problems, desires, issues and feelings but what is great about this film is each are willing to pursue them without a moment of hesitation because they are simply living their lives and staying true to themselves.  I also found it interesting how they were able to accept situations even if it hurt their feelings.  They were able to look past the pain and do what was best for the other person.  Writers, Christopher Meneul and Jeremy Sams, weave a wonderful web of drama as each couple battles with their dilemmas.

This film makes the lavish English country retreat, the setting for this film, look even more extravagant.  I would love to stay there on holiday (although I probably couldn’t afford it).  Even though it is a bit predictable this film is funny and is well worth a look.  I sincerely hope it gets wide release in America.

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