Love Lies Bleeding – A Multifaceted Victory for Director, Rose Glass

*Careful for Spoilers*

Kristen Stewart is reborn on screen from her adolescent ‘Twilight’ days in this Rose Glass written and directed thematic concoction, where love story/crime drama/lgbtq+/mystery and thriller are enmeshed. 

The film features a stylish synth wave 80s soundtrack, which worked exceedingly well mixed with the warm and grainy analog film style typical of the 80s. These elements combined with all the teased hair and spandex made the 80s gym theme really slap… not to mention Ed Harris’ hair was absolutely revolting and paired ominously with his character’s sinister demeanor.

I did notice too, that every male character in the film is either evil, abusive, or out to achieve their own sexual objectives against women. The scene outside the gym with the uber-muscular gym bros trying their luck (and getting punched in the face) was one such scene depicting the “horn-dog” nature of men in society that women are relentlessly patronized by. 

Dave Franco’s portrayal of the ‘abusive husband’ trope made you want him to realize his demise as soon as possible. The audience erupted with applause when this occurred, and it was justly satisfying to witness that powerful dose of vengeance.

Although this story is an 80s period piece, incredibly it still applies today depicting accurately what happens when a violent upbringing, coupled with uncapped aggression and provocation by hateful men, meets steroid “roid rage”. A proverbial “perfect storm”, if you will.

‘Love Lies Bleeding’ is realism with a touch of magic injected. It is in this way multifaceted, just like real life is… and a real victory for Director Rose Glass. 

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