By Renee’ Collins

Rating: 5 (Out of 5 Reels)

I am fascinated by many space and science related topics so when I saw the synopsis for a documentary about building an elevator to space I had to see it. Imagine how cost effective it would be to transport not only people but whatever we need to space by simply taking an elevator.  There would be no need for expensive rockets although recently a company called SPACEX tested a rocket that is designed to go into space and return in order to be reused which will also be a game changer for the space industry.

This documentary paints a comprehensive picture which starts with the person who originally thought of creating the elevator in the sixties to what is happening today in regards to making it a reality. Unfortunately, currently there is no substance known to man that is strong enough to allow for the creation of the elevator.  Throughout history humans have had crazy ideas about creating things that were thought to be impossible but because of dedication and exploration some of those ideas have come true.  Currently people all over the world are working to create just such a substance.

I have no doubt that someone will eventually create a substance that will make this dream a reality. This documentary is a must see for the dreamers out there.  I can only say why not!

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