By Renee’ Collins

Rating: 5 (Out of 5 Reels)

This documentary is a great film that exposes what and how corporations and governments learn about people everywhere and I mean everywhere through internet and cell phone usage.  It also explores what if anything can be done about it.

Wow, this film is an eye opener for me.  Don’t get me wrong I too never read the terms and conditions when accessing things on the internet but I had no idea how deep the well went.  I was astounded when the film said that it would take one month a year to read all of the terms and conditions agreements equaling to one hundred eighty hours because most people would never take the time.  I am also appalled to learn how our fourth amendment rights are being circumvented because of this so called third party disclosure.  Consequently, I am not at all surprised at the lengths big corporations will and are going to in order to keep these things going in order to continue making loads of money off of the consumer.  They are collecting data on anyone and selling it or giving it to anyone they chose regardless of the consequences to the consumer. 

The examples used in this film are astounding to me because a simple post by a seven year old caused him to be detained by the secret service because a computer flagged the words he used but couldn’t comprehend the underlying meaning.  Computers can only react in literal terms but more concerning is the fact that apparently the authorities couldn’t either.  I was sadly reminded about the incident involving a kidnaped and murdered teenager who’s voicemail was accessed by the press which gave the family false hope she was possibly still alive.  Gut-wrenching and appalling behavior that demonstrates the level of depravity some will sink into in order to get a story because all they want to do is make money regardless of the cost to others.

On the technical side of things this film is exceedingly well made and put together.  However, the content leaves me feeling extreme caution about what I choose to do on the internet.  I for one never got into the Facebook and Twitter craze and now never will but I didn’t realize that sites like Google was in on it as well.  This film is eye opening and should be seen by anyone who uses the internet.

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