By Renee’ Collins

Rating: 5 (Out of 5 Reels)

I was really looking forward to this film because I am a big fan of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright’s previous films.  Five friends who reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from twenty years earlier unwillingly become humankind’s only hope for survival (IMDB).

Gary King (Simon Pegg), the ring leader, Andy Knightley (Nick Frost), Oliver Chamberlain (Martin Freeman), Steven Prince (Paddy Considine) and Peter Page (Eddie Marsan) set off to recreate and hopefully complete a pub crawl they attempted twenty years ago.  All are excellent actors. but Pegg and Frost have a chemistry that works well because they are good friends in real life and this comes across on the screen.  Most all of the supporting actors have been in the two previous installments from this trio; Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz – both wonderfully funny and entertaining films that I highly recommend.  Freeman will also be noticed because he is currently portraying Bilbo Baggins in a little film trilogy called The Hobbit.

I truly enjoy these films, because even though they are ridiculous on several levels, the human dynamic is real and makes it work.  I am sure anyone being chased by alien robots wouldn’t think it important to continue on the pub crawl in spite of it all and that is part of what makes it funny.  This film has more choreographed fight scenes than any of its predecessors, but it is not nearly as gory for which I am thankful.  Fighting to kill zombies and shooting at people is not on the same playing field as beating up robot aliens who have blue goo in them.

I absolutely love smart, funny British films, and this one is another great one in my opinion.  It should be taken for what it is; a somewhat silly save the world story that gives its characters depth and it shouldn’t be over analyzed.  Hot Fuzz is my still my favorite of the three, but this film is a fun ride.

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