Run Nixon Urban Action Thriller in Select AMC Theaters

Run Nixon is directed and edited by Sky Directs (“The Shot Series” TV series) based on the thriller/drama script co-written with Michelle Vital. The story is about a couple, Dre (Lil’ Fizz) and Stacy (Sicily Cameron), who work and do their best to provide for their son, Nixon (Emperor Kaioyus), who loves basketball. One day, Nixon falls ill at a ball game, and hospital results show he has a life-threatening heart condition that needs expensive and immediate surgery not covered by the limited insurance they have. This problem pushes Stacy toward desperate measures behind Dre’s back, which unfortunately leads to a parent’s nightmare.

The action ensues when Dre is thrown into a desperate race against time to save his son, Nixon. Stacy, Nixon’s mother, took matters into her own hands to secure money from a criminal known as Slice (Jordan Lee Brown). When Slice is desperate and needs his money back, he takes Nixon to get their attention and the capital. When Dre discovers the truth about the money, and Nixon is gone, he will stop at nothing to get him back. Slice is ruthless and doesn’t hold back, with one scene tearing that can put anyone on the edge of their seat.

The story turns dark when Slice expects Nixon to go into another man’s house, Big Bird (Robert S. West). Brown (as Slice) gives a very menacing performance as he threatens Nixon and the young man driving them. The darkness of the scene is enhanced by the low lighting by the cinematographer Matthew Villescas (“Beauty Insider,” “Little Miss Perfect” TV series).

Things grow worse from scene to scene, and it won’t be fair to spoil the rest of the story here.

The music by composer Robert Johnson Jr. (Another Love Story) is an excellent addition to the film as it enhances intense action scenes.

Produced by Brian Cooper and filmed in Las Vegas.

RT: 113 min | Not Yet Rated

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