Scarlet Moreno’s short Velma is available on VOD after Successful Festival Run

Scarlet Moreno, director/writer/actress, presents her latest short, Velma. She is an El Rey Network’s “Rebel Without A Crew” filmmaker, best known for her work on Robert Rodriguez’s docuseries, which produced her first feature Phaedra (2018). The filmmaker steps behind and in front of the camera, this time with her latest award-winning short film. Moreno’s short film has her co-starring alongside Zach Tinker (“Days of Our Lives,” “The Young and the Restless”) and is now available on VOD.

About the film: Velma’s premise is simple: a woman is looking for a man who will love her for who she is. However, things quickly take a turn as, through the lens of a late 1960s visual feast, audiences are taken on a psychological journey with the title character that examines sexuality, shame, and our societal views of both. Combining striking 1960s visuals and slight horror camp, Velma tells its story with a wink and a (bloody?) smile.

Velma held its World Premiere at Panic Fest in 2022 and went on to have a successful two-year festival run through the genre circuit, winning awards and accolades. With wins at Film Quest (Best Costumes), Underworlds Film Fest (The Banshee Award), Arthouse Film Fest (the Fellini Award for Best Art Direction), Nightmares (Best Cinematography), and Sin City Horror Fest (Best Editing), the film’s visual power continued to receive recognition.

After viewing the short, it is evident why the film has won the awards listed above. The costumes for the film are very becoming and look as if they are from the 60s, as described by the filmmaker. The hair and makeup are also to be commended. The set for the film where Velma lives is well decorated for the time, and the cinematography is excellent in capturing the close views of the cuisine for each “date” and all she does for her suitors. I liked that the short does not show each bedroom scene, but I learned about it by just hearing Velma relay her thoughts the day after. When she thinks she has met “Mr. Right,” she has a change of mind, and it has taken a toll on her. I won’t explain so as not to spoil the scene for viewers.

The film made me want to know more about the main character and what led her to the life she lives.

About the filmmaker: Moreno creates work that centers the feminine experience in unexpected and exciting ways. Not only is she comfortable with horror and genre filmmaking, but it is also one of her favorite kinds of art because of the juxtaposition between the beautiful and the harrowing. Heavily influenced by 60s and 70s cinema but with a timeless voice and style all her own, Scarlet creates visually stunning worlds in which to tell provocative and engaging stories. Scarlet Moreno is a director, writer, and actor based in Los Angeles.

Statement from the author sent through a news release: “Ultimately, Velma asks its audience to examine what they find worse in a woman: promiscuity or blood lust,” said Moreno. “Sex and sexuality and their expression have been weaponized against women for centuries, a double-edged sword that aims at those who are not sexual enough AND those who are deemed too sexual. I’m excited for audiences to enter Velma’s world and watch as she dances on the edge of that sword.”

Source: Scarlet Moreno, El Rey Network, IMDb

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