Simchas and Sorrows is written, directed and produced by Genevieve Adams. The filmmaker is also the lead actress who stars as Agnes. The film premiered at the Bentonville Film Festival the first day of the festival. The story is an interfaith, romantic comedy about an atheist actress who attempts to convert to Judaism to marry the man she loves.

The film stars Genevieve Adams (A Walk Among the Tombstones, Money Monster, How to Be Single), Thomas McDonell (The Forbidden Kingdom, Prom, Fun Size), Hari Nef (“And Just Like That…,” Assassination Nation, “Transparent”), Luke Forbes (Dog, Crown Heights, “Atlanta”), Julie Halston (Addams Family Values, Top Five, Celebrity), Gregg Bello (The Thomas Crown Affair, The Wrestler, Noah), Annelise Cepero (West Side Story, “Chicago P.D., “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) , Billy Calder (“Allegiance”),  Lucy Morris (Chained for Life, Have a Nice Life, Go Down Death) with Chip Zien (Howard the Duck, United 93, The Siege) and John Cullum (“Northern Exposure,” 1776, Before We Go).

Agnes loves Levi but will not give up her atheism so easily. Her conversion is not so difficult when she meets the “progressive” Rabbi Cohen who has a modern take on Judaism. Her stance is one that raises eyebrows among the more traditional and devout. Agnes is liberal and her views are not in sync with the more orthodox members of Levi’s family. Adams excels in the delivery of her performance of Agnes and all that this character goes through. The selection of the cast and their performances are also great.

The script is well written and is portrayed authentically about people who fall in love without thinking of what may cause conflict among the traditional families regarding faith and politics. Simchas And Sorrows is the story about Agnes’ journey and what she discovers along the way towards marriage and motherhood.

SYNOPSIS: Simchas and Sorrows is an independent romantic comedy about a secular, free-spirited artist and former Catholic school girl, Agnes, who must come to terms with religion in order to marry the love of her life – Levi. Shocked by a surprise pregnancy, the earnest Agnes agrees to begin converting to Judaism, in an effort to be accepted by Levi’s more conservative Jewish family. Learning to join the tribe and follow the herd proves no easy task for someone who has spent her whole life questioning, and then breaking, the rules. As Agnes and Levi study with the progressive, courageous Rabbi Cohen, they discover all is not what it appears to be on the surface. As family secrets come to light, Agnes and Levi are forced to grapple with life’s big questions. The film explores an evolving, modern Judaism, orthodoxies and hypocrisy, sibling rivalry, modern love, mental illness, artistic inheritance, and antisemitism.


This film is produced by Matt Ott, Jackie Donohoe, Hannah Swayze, with cinematography by Daniel Contaldo and music by Esin Aydingoz. It is now available to a wider audience. The film released by GRAVITAS VENTURES can be viewed on all Digital | VOD platforms as of September 20th.

116 Minutes | Color | USA | Romantic Comedy | Drama | Dramedy | English | Hebrew


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