Slamdance Film Festival: Restorage TV Web Series

At AFF, Restorage won the 2023 Austin Film Festival Audience Award for Produced Digital Series, created by Caleb Davis and E’an Verdugo, who also serves as director. The cast includes Jacob Daniels, Olivia Clari Nice, Connor Boyd, Joan Deschamps, Stephen R. Miller, Tyler Corie, and Stephen Miller.

This month, the TV web series pilot headed to Park City, Utah, for the Slamdance Film Festival. It is part of the Episodes Series group. This series has a great story and performances that portray a dysfunctional family.

Restore is about a family who has severe differences of opinion among the three siblings who have recently lost their father, and their mother is in a medical facility. The siblings are meeting up in a business building, and Chase (Connor Boyd) is late joining them. It turns out to be learning about their inheritance after their father passed, and the tension among them is thick. The older-looking sibling in a suit, Robert (Jacob Daniels), inherits the business, while Lisa (Nice) receives the family estate and a family heirloom. Chase is left with a storage unit, a business card with the code, and a one-line statement from the father.

Of course, the physical fight begins in the office and continues at the storage unit when Robert goes by to push Chase’s buttons again. In case it needs to be clarified, Chase is portrayed as quite the slacker with limited achievements or skills demonstrated at this point. While at the storage unit, Chase discovers something unique about the unit and tests it to see what might be possible.

At the end of this episode, we will see the result of his “test” result, which certainly leaves us thinking about what is to come. There can be some options that the filmmakers can explore, and the curiosity about what this Sci-Fi story will lead to is too much to wait for.
Let’s see the results after this screening at Slamdance; we hope to see more episodes soon.

Source: Austin Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival

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