Something from Tiffany’s is directed by Daryl Wein, based on the adapted script is by Tamara Chestna (Moxie, After) from the novel of the same name by author Melissa Hill. I have not read the source novel, but reading the synopsis gives the audience an idea of what will transpire in this film. This may lead many fans of rom coms to embrace the film and others who like this genre, but are tired of the predictability in these stories, may shy away from viewing the film. Many film fans are used to the clichés in this genre and while there may be some, this is not a film to totally ignore because of the dynamic performance of the lead characters, Ethan (Kendrick Sampson, “How to Get Away with Murder” TV Series, Miss Juneteenth) and Rachel Meyer (Zoey Deutch, Zombieland: Double Tap, The Disaster Artist). I am already familiar with Deutch’s work and know her talent, but Sampson’s charisma shines through in this film and totally caught my eye – as his character’s (Rachel) – as a widowed professional writer with a cute, pre-teen daughter, Daisy (Leah Jeffries, Beast, Rel TV series). There are times when a movie must be selected to watch with lady friends, or in a family setting during holidays, etc. and this is certainly one to add to the list to view.

Interestingly, the two leads mentioned are not a couple. They meet after Rachel’s beau, Gary (Ray Nicholson) has been hit by a taxi outside of Tiffany’s where both he and Ethan had shopped. Ethan steps into the street to check on Gary while paramedics arrive. However, Daisy remains concerned about Gary and convinces her father to inquire at the hospital about his wellbeing. As fate will have it, Rachel hears their inquiries and concerns, but step outside to converse for confidentiality. Ethan and Rachel – boom!

Christmas morning takes both gentlemen on a different path when they discover they did not make it home with the correct purchase. Rachel receives a proposal with an expensive ring meant for Ethan’s girlfriend Vanessa (Shay Mitchell, “Pretty Little Liars”) and Vanessa receives earrings. Imagine the surprise, so imagine what Ethan must go through to get the expensive ring on the correct hand. Ethan is professional and does his research before approaching Gary. Rachel has one perspective about Gary, shares it with Ethan and a short scene later, Gary demonstrates to Ethan how low life he can be. It is evident to me that Rachel is too much of a good woman for Gary (even without considering Ethan in the picture), but the script is well written to allow Rachel to find out on her own – as well as Ethan.

The supporting cast includes Rachel’s roommate and business partner Terri Blake (Jojo T. Gibbs, “Twenties” TV series), her girlfriend, Sophia (Javicia Leslie, “Batwoman” TV series), among others. I do love the use of the five Doo Wop singers in a couple of key scenes. Credit to Jay Lifton and Ryan Miller.

There are only two key scenes inside the Tiffany’s store that tie into the script, so there isn’t much runtime spent shopping or otherwise in the film titled Something From Tiffany’s. If you are a cook, baker or both, you as an audience member may enjoy several scenes of Rachel and her thriving business, if not the delicious food and pastries being served. Give the gift of sharing this film with loved ones.

Reese Witherspoon is among several of the producers of the film Something From Tiffany’s that is available to stream now on Prime Video. 87 Minutes | Rated PG

Source: Amazon Studios Prime Video

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