This film from Ghana tells its story from the point of view of two drunks, a shifty politician, a dutiful farmer, and a pair of lovers on the run from a crime. The couple have stolen from a photographer who has sent a hit man after them. The woman, Ana, robbed the man because he owed her money and refused to pay. As a child she had been sold to a European couple as an indentured servant and is finished being a victim, her partner is an old friend and lover.

The two drunks stumble their way through life, seemingly without care. At one time they were both policemen at the Togo border who failed to overlook some internal corruption and were fired.  The politician is an incumbent seeking re-election, he promises the moon at each election, only to renege and line his own pockets when he wins.  The farmer is a good man who cares for his crops.

These separate stories come together in funny, violent, and ironic ways as our story resolves itself. This film is an interesting look at a country we rarely see on screens, I very much recommend it.

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