Two astronauts are on a mission stretched to three years because they have lost their navigation and communication systems. Adam and Jane can be relatively self-sufficient, with hens that provide eggs, a goat for milk, and a sustainable garden. Adam is sad because he is down to his last few pop-tarts. They get along well, dance, play chess, and have lively conversations; they are best friends. They seem fated to stay drifting in space till something significant fails, and they perish. They had a third crew member, played by Missi Pyle; her absence gets humorously explained. They work daily trying to fix the broken systems.

For the first time in the expedition, Adam brings up the subject of sex, not romantic sex, as they are both married to others, but stress-relieving sex. They debate this at length and include in the agreement that they will not fall in love with each other. Because they seem doomed to never return to earth, Adam concludes it’s not “cheating .”They decide they will do “everything except the actual act itself .” Jane successfully fixes the navigation system on the day the agreement takes effect; they can be home in three weeks. So, do they forget about the contract?

This festival entry was a delightful, funny, agreeable trip of a film. The main characters, Anthony Mackie and Zoe Chao, are perfect for the roles and bring charm and sweetness to the story. You never doubt their bond and affection for each other. The director, Kristian Mercado, has done chiefly music and comedy videos in the past but handles this film very well. Writer, Angela Bourassa, is new to feature film writing but shows much promise. I recommend this film as a pleasant way to spend an hour and a half.

Director: Kristian Mercado

Writer: Angela Bourassa

Starring: Anthony Mackie as Adam

                Zoe Chao as Jane

                Natalie Morales as Adam’s wife

                Geoff Stults as Jane’s husband

                Missi Pyle as Benson

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