In a small town in Switzerland, Barbara tries to run the small sewing shop her late mother had owned. The shop is full of reminders of their years together. Little pieces of handiwork abound, complete with audio of their conversations. This work is the main output of the shop, so the fact that it is struggling is not too surprising.

She is only in her twenties and feels much guilt that she may lose her mother’s store. Barbara does have one paying customer left, an extremely demanding older lady for whom Barbara has created a wedding dress. Barbara drives through the beautiful countryside for a final fitting before the wedding. Once there, the woman berates her so much that Barbara deliberately loses a special button and must race back to her shop for a replacement to finish before the wedding. Her small act of rebellion hurts her, not the rude customer.

On the way back, she races to make up time. Two motorcycles pass her, fighting back and forth. When she again catches up with them they have both crashed. On the ground are two men, two motorcycles, two guns, and one suitcase. She rigs an elaborate set-up made of sewing thread that enables both men to reach their weapons at the same time. They both shoot each other. They aren’t dead, but she takes the suitcase and leaves it in her little car that displays the name of her shop. What follows is her attempt to keep the money against the gangsters who want it back. As the story ends, it returns to the beginning, giving her a different choice. Will she finally get it right?

The movie, a testament to the director’s talent and vision, was brought to life by the young Freddy Macdonald, who was only twenty-three at the time. Collaborating with his father, Fred, on the script, they crafted a unique narrative set in an unusual location. The fast-paced story, filled with compelling characters, is a testament to their creative partnership. This movie is a must-watch, whether in the theater or at home, if it becomes available on a streaming service.

Directed by Freddy Macdonald

Cast: Eve Connolly, Calum Worthy, John Lynch,

K Callan, Ron Cook, Thomas Douglas, Caroline Goodall,

Werner Biermeier, Veronica Herron-Wenger, Petra Wright

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