SXSW Review: Roadhouse

High flying blockbuster action movie Roadhouse is a 2024 remake of the riveting Patrick Swayze 1980s original, about a down-and-out cage fighter who receives an offer from a bar owner to provide door security, only to find out there are nefarious dealings under the surface. Even if I didn’t watch this movie at the World… Continue reading SXSW Review: Roadhouse

FLASH – A Whirlwind of Delights

***spoilers ahead*** The Flash is directed by Andy Muschietti and stars Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Michael Shannon, and Sacha Calle. This movie was a whirlwind of delights, with exceptional moments that made me say “wow” on many separate occasions, and with a thrilling pace that lacked any boredom. For any Batman fan that loved the… Continue reading FLASH – A Whirlwind of Delights