Do we have any fans of the actor Theo Rossi (Emily the Criminal, Army of the Dead, “Sons of Anarchy”)? How about Dermot Mulroney (Scream VI, You’re Killing Me, My Best Friend’s Wedding)? These two actors lead the ensemble cast for The Getback, a TUBI Original directed by Jared Cohn (Vendetta, The Death Race), based on the script by Chad Law (Section 8, 6 Bullets) and Garry Charles (Welcome to Acapulco). The filmmakers have experience writing or directing action films, and it shows. While the script may have a bit of predictability in some scenes, I still enjoy the movie with the cast’s performance in their respective roles.

I have seen Theo Rossi in some of his prior roles, but he stands out as Mal Cooper, a formidable bounty hunter and former detective in this buddy action comedy. His performance kept me interested in the story and not turned off by a potential “I have seen this before” film. And it is not just Rossi who is good but also the actor who portrays his latest target. Shane Paul McGhie (Fool’s Paradise, “Deputy” TV series) stars as Jake Gordon, a key witness in a trial for his former boss Alonzo Beaumont (Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss, Lord of the Streets, Equal Standard). Rossi and McGhie worked together in the film American Skin (which I have not viewed yet), but they appear to have good chemistry and make the most of their roles. Cooper gets his assignments from Alexander Rogan (Kim Coates, “Sons of Anarchy,” “Bad Blood”), and when this one is offered, Cooper has an uneasy feeling, maybe details Rogan didn’t provide.

Cooper still has a good friend/former colleague on the force he used to work for, led by Chief Joe Milazzo (Mulroney). Cooper’s connection is Detective Jade Hatch (Sufe Bradshaw, “Veep” TV series, Gasoline Alley). She remains a good friend/assistant to Cooper. I like the character the writers created for her, and she is excellent in her performance, which had me vested in what happens to her – no spoilers here.

One character that is amusing and helpful to the duo is Gus (Ritchie Montgomery, Geostorm, Trailer Park Shark), a businessman with a shop and prepared for just about anything. He greets strangers with his shotgun. His tough exterior is quite helpful along their journey to the courthouse.

If you like all sorts of action in your films, this one has varied fight scenes and car chases, with fans of the Trans Am auto able to enjoy just what it can do in one of the scenes.

Additional cast includes J.C. Anthony, Ryan Francis, Sarah Voigt, Erin O’Brien, Jesse O’Neill, Jessica Harthcock, Mark Valeriano, Jusstone Jackson, and Laura Linn.

Cinematography: Marcus Friedlander. Editing: Eric Yakult Chase. 1 hr 23 minutes

Source: Tubi and Mutiny Films

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