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I was intrigued to view The Hottest Summer after reading that this is a romantic comedy/drama set in southern Sicily. It is set in a small village – you know – the town where everyone knows each other, their families, and what steps they take every day. If there is any comedy to the story, it is when the spying to gossip happens. Then, the small clusters of people gather and wonder who is doing who at the time. I was hoping to see if there is a good story that is not so predictable, but this is not one. It is predictable. It does have fine performances from the leads and supporting cast, including a child actor. Of course, the cinematography provides lovely seaside vistas and other landscape views to enjoy (as well as all the beautiful and handsome actors in the cast).

The Hottest Summer is directed by Matteo Pilati (Mascarpone) and co-written by Pilati, Giuseppe Paterno Raddusa, and Tommaso Triolo. The film stars Gianmarco Saurino, Nicole Damiani, Alice Angelica, Stefania Sandrelli, Nino Frassica, Michela Giraud, and Giuseppe Giofre.

In this small village, this summer is set to be one of several changes. Don Carlo’s parish will welcome a new deacon, Nicola before he takes his vows at the end of the summer to become a priest. Lucia and Omar are a couple, and they talk of settling down. Lucia is the one who seeks commitment as she has some more education to pursue as well, and Omar is off to visit family soon. Her best friend is Valentina, and she seeks so much more of what Lucia has regarding her love interest.

As is expected, when the handsome soon-to-be priest arrives in town, women of all ages are swooning, and the church is full of parishioners. Whether they are there for their faith or to gossip is questionable. Lucia has been dedicated to the church on her summer vacations from the university, so while Omar is gone, she intends to volunteer as before at the educational Summer Camp at the large villa inherited by the church. She tends to the gardens and some animals left behind by a priest. (More gossip.)

Valentina wants Lucia to help her win over the new deacon before he becomes a priest. Lucia wants no part of it, but her volunteer work has her front and center daily with Nicola. No matter what ploy Valentina uses, Nicola and Lucia bond over the children at the camp and make the most of the church property to maximize the use for the community. The elder church gossip is determined to find the dirt for the next gossip session. The series of events after this brings on a chain of events and drama.

The film is suitable for anyone who likes this kind of soap opera story or has free time to kill and doesn’t want to leave home.

The film has a running time of 96 minutes and will not be rated by the MPAA. Amazon Studios and Notorious Pictures produce it in association with Rufus Film.

The film will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime on August 29.

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