D’Artagnan (Francois Civil) arrives in Paris trying to find his attackers after being left for dead, which leads him to a real war where the future of France is at stake. He aligns himself with Athos (Vincent Cassel), Porthos (Pio Marmai), and Aramis (Romain Duris), three musketeers of the king (IMDB).

I have seen almost every film version of this story, and this is one of the best. This one beats the others because they don’t give it the Hollywood treatment. Too many other films are flippant and take things more along the comical. There was even one with an Asian flare that was decent, but what remained was horrible. The storyline is very streamlined, and nothing is added for comic relief because this story has serious repercussions. Being made in France with French actors and performed in French immensely adds to the authenticity that previously had not been achieved. 

The cinematography is beautiful mainly because of the French locals. The choice of actors is superb, and their performances add to the depth of this film. I especially enjoyed Eva Green’s portrayal of Milady, the evil temptress who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. I have seen her in several other roles over the years but didn’t know she spoke French. I look forward to seeing the next film because it will be great to see another well-written, directed, acted, and made film. This one is one of the best when held up against the myriad of movies made of this story.

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