“This Fool” Returns for Season 2, arriving July 28

The Hulu Original, “This Fool,” had ten episodes in the 2022 Season of the show, created by Chris Estrada, Pat Bishop, and Matt Ingebretson. Although I did not view the comedy last year, I had the opportunity to visit a friend who was familiar with the shows. We went from watching the first two episodes to binge-watching it! She encouraged me to watch more than the first two episodes, and I was so glad I did. I am pleasantly surprised with each of the different writers for the subsequent episodes. The series expanded and enhanced the development of the characters. It is excellent to see Texas-born established actress Julia Vera in the role of Maria, the grandmother—so many great scenes by this cast to mention. You can learn more about the comedian/actor/writer Chris Estrada on his website. By the last episode in Season 1, consider me hooked.

Season two is now arriving on Friday, July 28, 2023, with ten episodes. S2 directors are Pat Bishop and Matt Ingebretson, taking turns for different episodes. SYNOPSIS: “This Fool” is an irreverent, cinematic half-hour comedy set in working-class South-Central Los Angeles. After Julio’s job and love life blew up at the end of last season, new roommates Julio and Luis embark on finding new careers and romances with the help of Minister Payne, Chef Percy, and other former Huggers.

The cast returning from Season One is Chris Estrada (Julio), Frankie Quinones (Luis, Julio’s cousin), Laura Patalano (Esperanza, Julio’s mother), Julia Vera (Maria, Julio’s grandmother), Michael Imperioli (The White Lotus) (as Minister Payne, heading the non-profit in Season 1), Michelle Ortiz (Maggie, Julio’s on and off girlfriend), and Ivana Rojas (Ruby, involved with Luis and world traveler), aside from a wealth of additional talented actors. Yes, anticipate new characters portrayed by different gifted actors on this roster. I am not going to spoil it for you.

Season 2 Episode 1 “The Rooster” (Pat Bishop directs and co-writes with Chris Estrada and Matt Ingebretson). If anyone has ever lived in a rural area, they will view scenes with similarities to the rooster. If anyone lives in an urban area and can still hear a rooster crowing in the neighborhood, they will likely understand and anticipate what some of the scenes will look like. I say “they” for now, and you will know what I am talking about (without spoilers) as Julio talks to (and interprets for his neighbor, Don Emilio (Ramon Franco, “The Bridge” TV series, Heartbreak Ridge). This is to get you started.

“This Fool” is written and executive produced by Chris Estrada, Pat Bishop, Jake Weisman, and Matt Ingebretson. Jonathan Groff and Fred Armisen also serve as executive producers on the series. ABC Signature produces the Hulu Original comedy series. Bishop, Ingebretson, and Weisman are producers of the Comedy Central series “Corporate.”

Frankie Quinones is a 2023 Nominee for the Independent Spirit Award – Best Supporting Performance in a New Scripted Series. Congratulations to Quinones, and hope more nominations for this series are forthcoming.

Source: Hulu

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