Movie Review: A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE Gives More of the Same, But Is Still Compelling Due To Its Main Protagonist

Writer/director Michael Sarnoski, known for the critically acclaimed Pig, returns with a prequel to the A Quiet Place series. This new chapter unfolds in the bustling metropolis of New York City, a city known for its cacophony, now a prime target for the alien invaders who strike at any sound. While the film introduces new characters, it offers a unique insight into the impact of the invasion on a major urban center.

Lupita Nyongo stars as Sam, a woman struggling to remain alive with terminal cancer who only wishes to enjoy her last days on this planet. While in hospice care, she gets the opportunity to have an outing in Manhattan, where she and her friends will get to enjoy a show and maybe have a slice of New York pizza. Unfortunately, the extraterrestrials from the first two movies begin landing on American soil and begin attacking anyone who makes too much noise.

This franchise chose a very different setting and features new characters, but the development of said characters is lacking compared to the saga’s previous installments. Nevertheless, the audience still gets what one would expect from A Quiet Place movie. If you make too much noise, you risk getting attacked or killed by the alien invaders. What makes the film exciting and compelling is the character of Sam, who has nothing to lose as she is living her last days with cancer.

Lupita Nyongo delivers a solid performance as a woman who treasures to relive the better days of her past before she must kiss this world goodbye. Joseph Quinn stars as Eric, a young legal student Sam discovers while trying to survive the attack. Though Eric’s character development could be better, Quinn and Nyongo share a lovely chemistry.

A Quiet Place: Day One, while not providing answers to the alien invasion, remains a solid prequel that delivers the tension and thrill that defines the franchise.

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