ALL OF US STRANGERS Is An Incredible Dream-Like Experience

If life is a dream, our memories of our past are like a dream within a dream. This best describes my incredible experience watching this new phenomenal film by writer/director Andrew Haigh. All of Us Strangers is a surreal, beautiful, and haunting journey into the heart of a man who is coping with the untimely loss of his parents, along with the hope of new love. Haigh’s film is so simply expressed but is also somewhat complex regarding its depiction of human emotions, thoughts, and what the heart desires.

Andrew Scott stars as Adam, a quiet and unassuming screenwriter who meets a new love interest named Harry (Paul Mescal) on a bizarre night. Though attracted to Harry, Adam refrains from pursuing relations with him but will eventually begin a romantic relationship with his neighbor. Meanwhile, Adam revisits his old childhood home and longs for a deeper connection with his parents. In doing so, he envisions a reunion with his mother (Claire Foy) and father (Jamie Bell). This longing for love continues to haunt and drive Adam to find some closure and acceptance for the life he has.

I was absolutely blown away by Andrew Haigh’s All of Us Strangers. It truly is an incredible experience to behold and is emotionally charged and powerful in depicting humanity and our desire for various kinds of love. Haigh does an outstanding job of writing and directing, and his film comes across as a very emotional and heartfelt work of art. His direction delivers a surreal and ethereal examination of life, love, and everything that drives us as humans.

The entire cast performs admirably. Andrew Scott gives a beautifully understated turn as Adam, a man haunted by the loss of his parents and also by the pain inflicted by people who either fear or do not understand him. Paul Mescal is also excellent as Adam’s love interest Harry. Jamie Bell and Clare Foy portray Adam’s parents and are both extraordinary.

While this is not the typical movie I would typically promote for full-price theatrical viewing, this experience is so remarkable that I must encourage my readers to watch it in the best way available. There is a certain immersive intimacy about watching a movie in the theater that most people cannot duplicate in their homes. All of Us Strangers is one of those independent movies that deserves to be beheld in a dark theater on the big screen.

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