YouTube Animated Mega-Series turned Feature Length Film 
“Dick Figures The Movie” is on DVD and Blu-ray 
December 3rd 2013

About the film – Featuring the viral humor of its creators Ed Skudder and Zack Keller, Dick Figures the Movie is a classic story of friendship, love and betrayal. Its heroes Red and Blue (on the solemn advice of a Japanese raccoon) embark on an epic quest to discover The Great Sword of Destiny – and hopefully unlock the secret to the most-awesomest gift of all time for Blue’s super hot girlfriend, Pink.  And like the series, the 73-minute movie is set to an all original thumping electronic dance score from Composer Nick Keller.


DVD and Blu-ray include Bonus Features:


  • Directors’ Commentary with Ed and Zack
  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes
  • Lord Tourettes Revealed
  • Full-Length Trailer


Notable success metrics for this film:


  • Dick Figures the Movie hit #1 on Amazon and #3 on iTunes for pre-sales.
  • During launch week the film reached #16 on U.S iTunes movies, #5 on U.S Google Play and #2 on U.S YouTube movies.



Kickstarter/Fan Support – This feature length film was made possible by the fans who raised over $313,000. Dick Figures the Movie was one of the most successful crowd funding campaigns ever for an animated project. The film is an example of technology completely delivering on its promise to democratize the making and distribution of creative works.


 “We made this movie for the fans and with the fans thanks to their generous contributions.  Their support and the freedom that comes with creating content for the web has allowed us to make exactly the movie we wanted.  A closer relationship between creators and fans paired with direct distribution through digital platforms is the future of movies,” say creators Skudder and Keller


About the series – First launched in late 2010, Dick Figures is the number one animated series on YouTube with 43 short format episodes.  The series has received 350 million views and is growing. Countless fan-inspired user-generated videos have evolved its unique brand of humor into a digital global phenomenon.  The movie will also be available internationally with dubbing and subtitles in English, German, Russian and Spanish.


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